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Image result wey dey for plane graveyard

In California, USA, there is an airplane graveyard. They have thousands of planes there. Boeing 747, Airbus, military planes, and even helicopters.

All these planes were flown there, so they are not bad, these planes are retired. You see, The world community will retire a commercial plane that is over 25 years old from the operation and it will do the last flight to Nevada to go and rest. The place is huge, you have to see it one day.

The US army has retired most of their cold warplanes there. Some of them never flew once. Once in a while, I will see one of these cold warplanes on TV in Africa that their government has bought some new fighter planes for a few hundred million dollars and they will commission them.

Once in a while, An African will come there because his country sent him to go and buy some planes. But that is the wrong place to be. Boeing headquarters is at 100 North Riverside Plaza, ‎Chicago. Airbus is in France and Lockhead is not there either.

But the African knows what he is doing. He is there to get some old planes for his country for the price of new. I use to think Africa was poor because they didn’t have money. That was when I was a very young man. I was wrong.

I found out later in my life that money is not the problem of Africa. I have never been able to get anyone out of poverty in Africa. No Matter how hard I tried, they always managed to fall back into it. The church calls it the generational curse. Na lie. I will explain it one day to you.

Image result wey dey for plane graveyard

It is only Africans I know that will deliberately negotiate deals that will be at disadvantage to their people. I see this happen in bilateral agreements, I see this in big business, small business, and even just mini small business. If white people want to cheat black people they will look for other black people to help them. Try that with a Jew and see what happens.

Africans make sure they get the wrong side of the deal. They do that on purpose. How stupid can one be to be holding the short end of the stick all the time? It is these kinds of things that make Africa poor. This is why black people don’t get respect. Respect you earn. People that will deliberately put their people last in favor of other people for their gain can never be respected.

As I am writing now, it is still happening. It is only getting worse. Anywhere you see a black country, this type of thing happens. Until Africans know they have to build their nations and not just destroy them they will never know peace.

Enjoyment can never come his way.
— Fela Kuti

All Africans must realize that they must change as individuals. You can’t go to China to buy fake goods and come back to blame Buhari for not fighting corruption.

The menace in Africa was created by all and for all.

Shit doesn’t just happen, It requires effort. (pardon my french)
— Samuel L. Jackson.

Being in perpetual denier will only increase the duration and the intensity of the pain.

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I do not doubt the existence of God., I doubt His responsibility towards the invention of the human diverse ways of worshiping. I.e Religion. Love to meet you too.

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