‘Go for DNA Test, Your Child May Not Belong to You’ – Fejiro Tells Reno Omokri



Oliver in a Facebook post accused Omokri of abandoning his wife to follow another woman in Philistine.

Fejiro Oliver has urged ex-presidential aide, Reno Omokri to approach a hospital and check if his 13-year-old son is actually his own.
Oliver in a Facebook post accused Omokri of abandoning his wife to follow another woman in Philistine.
Fejiro, an investigative journalist took to his social media page and wrote:
As brutal I may be with my write up, there are persons I will never answer directly on social media or the traditional media. I will rather answer them indirectly or even through proxy which no doubt will make me a coward. Because I’m not a coward, I will chose not to answer but hold my piece.
This is where Reno Omokri is different from me. He knows I know him. He knows that he’s far from the moral ‘priest’ he claims to be and a father who abandons his children.
After calling him out few days ago on how he’s deadbeat father, he quickly ran to post a picture of his son and himself. 
According to him, his 13 years old son looks like him. I will not argue his age with him as the ‘father’ of the boy.
What Reno should not do is to use his son as a battle sword for his social media disturbing conscience. What Reno should not do is to use a son he has abandoned as his amour for pseudo reply. 
Posting the picture of his son on social media to prove a point that he is a dutiful father when he is not is only hurting the poor boy the more.
A look at the picture of ‘father and son’s shows a clear disconnection between the duo. From a distance of a thousand miles even through the phone, you can see the unhappiness in the boy’s face. This is a picture of a love lost. At 13 years is when fathers are bonded to their son but for this Reno’s father and son picture, all we see is rage of anger.
The son looks sad. The son looks like a mannequin forced by Reno to take this picture in order to save his now battered image of a runaway father with a side chic, same side chic that he boldly condemns in the public but savour their Garden of Eden in private.
Too late to go back to his wife for what broke them up if told Nigerians will break their hearts, but I will say it soon, just very soon and also in parables just as he used his sad son picture to send words in parables. What is not too late is for him to take up his responsibility towards his kids as a doting father that he preaches. 
I believe in practice what you preach. I cannot preach against corruption and I will be corrupt. Heaven forbid. I do not preach against side chics or having two girlfriends and can be excused if I do it MISTAKENLY but Reno cannot and should not have left his matrimonial home and jumped into bed with a strange woman from Philistine, since he preaches One Man, One Wife and NO GIRLFRIEND.
The money he should have used to pay his sons and daughters school fees in USA is what has been swallowed by the panties of another lady. Cry me a river but Reno will not be forgiven for failing to practice what he forces on gullible people.
Men of honor don’t delete comments on their posts. Perhaps in this age of DNA, I will urge him to go for one, as the son who he claims has his ? resemblance has no single identity of his either in face, height even though he claims the boy is taller which is obviously a lie or even in character, the character of the deceitful serpent who in public admonishes but in private enjoys the lure of sin.
DNA is his best bet not fighting side chics and girlfriends that he also have

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