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Finally, Black Ace Dynasty has decided to make known the track listing for the much anticipated “A RAP FOR THE GODS” mixtape by Gzone.

The project will as shown on the artwork will have a total of thirteen tracks all triggered at portraying or breaking down the source of the title.

Track one features the CashHop Sound signee Holyfield and the track deals with issues that are supposed to be important but somehow isolated from our daily lives, it gets deeper as you listen. Produced By Darse.

Track two is a weird portrayal of a curious mind wanting a personal salvation with the creator instead of going through all the numerous complicated channels that man has made to reach God. Dark Skinned Devil also touches areas where religious monuments went astray.

Track three “LUSTFUL” which features his mate under the B.A.D management Jomo talks about being consumed by lust within a wish to be qualified for God’s favor and protection. This one is produced by Gzone.

Track four features Lyrical Chef, I think I should have to leave your fingers crossed for that one.

Track five JESUS IS COMING AGAIN is definitely a sound filled with reasonable ironies in the line of religion and little indispensable contradictions.

Track Six is a different kind of love song that features Koruz, a really good singer under the management of Black Ace Dynasty.

Track seven WHITE MEDICINE should also leave you pondering about how the effects of the white supremacists  became so right. Produced by Gomba.

Track eight WHEN I DIE is a sample of the popular Clap Song “When I’m Gone”. So I think you know what to expect on this one.

Track nine A RAP FOR THE GOD which is both a skit and a short rap song features on the skit Naffy who played the roll of Oya (Sango’s wife), Bwan Omo Balogun who played Sango and JayRap Icon played the roll of Oduduwa. Gzone’s voice sufficed as Amdioha.

Track ten which is actually a remix to YOU AINT GATTO LIKE ME. Trod is the younger brother to the late Dagrin for those who do not know. He is still riding under his brother’s dream label Misofunyi Entertainment. Produced by Darse.

Track eleven is something for the shawties and the clubs. Fel3zy is on this one.

Track twelve had it’s video shot late last year and will soon be ready for the public to lay their eyes on. Cool African love song produced by Darse.

Finally track thirteen which was finally concluded to come with the tape at the last minute. Inspired by a real life situation that almost took Gzone’s life,.

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I do not doubt the existence of God., I doubt His responsibility towards the invention of the human diverse ways of worshiping. I.e Religion. But I am good though. Love to meet you too.

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