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Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua date, venue

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua may fight in 2022, before the year’s end with a fight with the Principality Stadium in Cardiff looking likely.

fury vs joshua

In addition to an announcement by the official that has been made, it appears an agreement has been reached to Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua to finally meet and fight, as both fighters made the announcement on Tuesday. Joshua has signed the split of a purse 60/40 to Fury with a date set for the fight scheduled for December 3 taking in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff..

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They haven’t met despite a deal for two fights having been signed in 2020, before Fury was ordered to take on Deontay Wilder during a trifecta fight by an US court. The result was that in the fall of last year Fury took on Wilder for the third time and won while ‘AJ’ fell in a rematch to Oleksandr Usyk during their debut fight.

This year’s events suggest that an opportunity to fight was more distant than ever before and with Fury succeeding in defending his WBC belt, and stating that he’d like fight Usyk in a unified bout following his victory over Joshua in the month of October.

What has been said?

Fury has given fans an informative update on the status of talks and broke his silence via social media in order to discuss the progress of the fight. In an Instagram post on the account on Instagram the previous day, Fury said: “Hey everyone, Queen’s funeral is today,” Fury said in an update to the Instagram story. “I’ve gone off social media for the last 10 days to pay respect to our Queen , who passed away. I haven’t posted anything, and haven’t been looking for anything else in the fairness of it. I pray that the funeral is well. My heartfelt condolences to all the family members and will her rest peacefully in Heaven for eternity. In the name of Jesus Amen.”

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In the period of national mourning that followed the Queen’s passing , there were no updates from Fury’s camp. However, the Joshua representative Eddie Hearn gave fans with a crucial update.

It was reported that the Matchroom Boxing Chairman Hearn revealed on Tuesday that Joshua believed that a fight like this could not happen again and Fury’s conditions had been accepted “We were offered the fight. We were not happy with the conditions. It was our attempt to bargain the terms but we were told that there was no negotiation, it’s either take the deal or not. So, we accepted the offer,” Hearn told Matchroom Boxing.

“I did not anticipate that the next fight would come from Tyson Fury but AJ is the boss, he’s the one who decides and the guy said, ‘I might never have another chance to fight him again because if he loses to Usyk then he’ll retire, etc. If it’s happening I’m willing to accept it’ would have liked to bargain slightly more strongly, But to AJ it wasn’t about that. It was about “if this fight is the case, accept this seriously.”

fury vs joshua

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What day is the date of the fight?

The fight is scheduled to take place on the 3rd day of December. There has been many speculations taking place regarding the date. Joshua was thought to favor the fight on December 17th, having just recently had a fight.

But, Fury’s side were only prepared to accept the November 26th battle or a date on December 3rd. This means that Joshua was forced to accept the latter to continue negotiations.

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Where will the match where will the fight take place?

The fight takes place in the Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, with the Welsh national stadium serving as a neutral arena to host the event. The stadium also protects the fight from the possibility of bad weather by having a retractable roof that gives spectators a comfortable atmosphere for the winter battle.

There has been speculation about the possibility of Wembley as well as Old Trafford hosting the fight however neither of them could be home venues for Joshua Fury and Fury respectively.

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