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Snow Flakes is back! Back as never before with the single “SEXY MARIA”, a
passionate, longing and poignant declaration of love. Discover this hypnotical new
vibe and give yourself to seduction. A song that will make you push the play button
again and again. SEXY MARIA is not just another hot release of Snow Flakes …. no.
Rumors circulated for months, hyped by the medias, that the Awards winning
Togolese artist, with Nigerian roots, works continuously on a big project. Fans and
music lovers can finally breathe easy. SEXY MARIA is a clear announcement for
Snow Flake’s first release of a complete album to be expected in early 2020. With
this song, Snow Flakes lets his listeners recognize the first contours and colors of his
album. Musically, this song is a blessing for all fans, especially since the artist has
stayed away from the music scene in the last 2 months.
Since January 2018, Snow has been working continuously on the development of
new musical concepts and songs for his first album. Now in the last quarter of this
year, Snow Flakes reaps the ripe fruits of its seeds. The single SEXY MARIA is more
mature than his past songs. A seductive, mysterious fusion of contagious Cuban
Tango and pulpy Afrobeat. The Beat is created by the Awards winning Beat
producer Mr Kamera from South Africa. Snow himself says that working on his
album-songs overwhelmed him again and again. The achieved musical moods had
to be tamed and brought to life with text and poetry. When you hear SEXY MARIA,
you feel the deep passion and mood that Snow felt when writing his lyrics. From
psychedelic vibes to crystalline clarity, from sensuous lightness to depth. Snow
Flakes presents himself as an artist who has developed and is now arriving at the
next level.
Therefore, the revelation of SNOW FLAKES – SEXY MARIA is a spectacular closing act
after a successful 2019 and an opening and announcement for a brilliant start to
the new year. The unveiling of the announced album and a world tour are just the
prelude. All fans and listeners of Snow Flakes can be excited about the year 2020.
The exact Album-Release date will be communicated very soon.



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