Too much fuss about this particular track and the efforts invested in trying to make the fuss a vibe crested in positive momentum. Although I am close enough to the artiste to have given my thoughts in person or perhaps more confidentially especially knowing that I have persisted in dishing out undiluted facts in my review contents especially with folks that I am not very accustomed to but in my defense., this is what I do. I created a segment for this on this blog and I would not intentionally skip a buddy even if it means …

Well let us delve in.


In terms of acceptability I would think that this song would be received quite well but., with an already established art with a rather distinguished status, because truly, the song comes with a vibe that places it above just the stereotyped kind of genre in this particular industry where the message of the song is close to unnecessary.  Now if you’re bold enough to go Johny Drille on the audience even as a novice on scene, then you need that extra something to equally show that you’ve got the sauce and more. Has this track got the sauce and more? Well maybe yes but I’d not relent if I were the artiste because having the sauce and more requires way more than the delivery that I have noticed on this joint and more can be achieved if this young lad would not attempt to pay deaf hears.


DaRsE is responsible for 60%-70% of the instrumentals in my previews mix-tape project and the one before that, so you must feel I hold him in high regard. Of-course I do, but a man is not necessarily the mirror of himself. They need the help of others to scan through them and tell them what they really are or look like.

DaRsE is someone whom i’d ask to send me 100 beats just so that i’ll pick one, ok that was an exaggeration, but I actually will ask for at-least 10 beats just to pick one. But DaRsE doesn’t do that, he makes one and go with it. So am i saying this beat was wrong for this particular song? Well I am saying as a producer who’s very creative he would’ve had better options.

Was I contacted before this song was made? No

But I will not deny the fact that I had the opportunity to listen and give the song a go before its release, so it wasn’t a song that I would condemn because the beat is actually good enough, but not the best. You see where I am coming from?


DaRsE saw to this from start to finish with a little inquiries from observant hears which i’d say is a brilliant thing to do but this is one thing I didn’t inquire from the man directly, was handling production from start to finish his heart desire or was he just being hungry for production credit? Well how well did that turn out if the later was in-fact the scenario? Of-course i couldn’t find the heart to judge this on my own without being sentimental because i would usually assist in the mastering of in-house artistes of the management, not like I really want to give a hoot about lash-backs or what nots but I had to in this case see from another point of view. So a fellow producer in whom I am well pleased with his judgments had confirmed that the production was ok as far as production goes so I will just respect that and keep my blasphemy to myself. It was ok., I mean.


The most intricate part for me in a song is actually the lyrics. I know for some of you being the typical people that you are might just be the beat (which is quite very essential as the case may be) and for some of you it is the swagg of the artiste weird enough and for some it just might be the vibe but what is a song without a good lyrics? I know! Why do I think the lyrics of this song should’ve been deeper? I mean just take a look at the title again, get in consciousness with it and then listen to the song again? Was the title justified? I for one do not take deep titles for granted, if it is deep, then it should be sensitive. My two cents. So how would I rate the lyrics? Better than most but yet it can be better.


The mixing could’ve been better but it is good that you let your work out so that a review like this can come up to detect your flaws, the balancing wasn’t 100 percent even though the mastering process tried to make up for it. Weirdly a lot of people are skipping this fact, there must be some kind of magic in the whole sound, but that will still be useless to some producers and sound engineers.


If you are yet to download this song, follow here to download.

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I do not doubt the existence of God., I doubt His responsibility towards the invention of the human diverse ways of worshiping. I.e Religion. Love to meet you too.

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