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All We Know About Labour Party’s Barrister Julius Abure



All We Know About Labour Party’s Barrister Julius Abure

Labour Party's Barrister Julius Abure -

Who is Barrister Julius Abure?

Barrister Julius Abure was the National Secretary of the Labour Party and was elected as the new National Chairman by the Labour Party National Executive Council (NEC) in 2021.

Popularly known as a workaholic chairman, Barrister Abure is known for being very available.

Biography of Julius Abure

Julius Abure is the National Chairman of the Labour Party who was elected in 2021. He is from Edo state and was initially a member of the ruling APC in Nigeria.

How Old is Julius Abure?

Julius Abure is 52 years old in 2023.

Where is Julius Abure From?

Julius Abure is from Edo State, Nigeria.


Is Julius Abure Married?

Julius Abure is married with kids and they all live in Edo State.


Julius Abure Career


Julius Abure Scandal – Forged Documents

The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Barrister Julius Abure submitted forged court documents to the Independent National Electoral Commission in his move to make a former Edo State House of Assembly Speaker, Rt Hon. Uyinmwen Ativie, the party’s House of Representatives candidate for Uhunmwode/Orhionmwon federal constituency in the state, documents seen by SaharaReporters showed.

SaharaReporters had reported how one Murphy Imasuen emerged as the winner of the primary election of the federal constituency supervised by INEC officials.

Rather than submit the name of the elected candidate, the name of Ativie who recently joined the party from the ruling All Progressives Congress was submitted to the electoral commission by the Labour Party led by Abure.

Labour Party's Barrister Julius Abure -

The action is against the provisions of Section 33 of the 2022 Electoral Act which states that a political party cannot remove or substitute a candidate that emerged from a valid primary.

Whereas Section 31 of the Electoral Act only allows for substitution when a candidate dies or when they withdraw from the race and inform INEC in writing.

Julius Abure’s Free Party Membership Card for All!

The Labour Party national chairman, Comrade Julius Abure, also broke the news this morning that for millions of Nigerians all over the country who have been anxious about registration as former or new members, there was no cause to worry.


According to him, magnanimous OBIdient Nigerians have donated adequately for the production and free issuance of millions of Labour Party membership cards to all and sundry.


Explaining further, Abure remarked, “Labour Party is in the kitchen cooking many new and exciting political cuisines for Nigerians. When we eventually serve the table and our craft hits the tarmac, which is very soon, our difference against other political parties will be clear even to the blind, deaf, and dumb.”

Labour Party's Barrister Julius Abure -

He continued, “It will be clear that a true, people-caring and compassionate national political tent which provides shade and shelter for all have come to our shores. It will be seen that a party which does not choke the poor and does not seek to milk money out of every situation, a political party such as has never been seen before in Africa, has come to stay.”

Julius Abure Networth

His net worth is not available to the public at the moment

Julius Abure on Apc and Pdp

Labour Party's Barrister Julius Abure -

Nigerians should drop APC and PDP and embrace LP, it is the only answer and solution to the problems of the country. Luckily, we have a presidential candidate that has the mental capacity, pedigree, reputation, character, and antecedent to drive the development process and reposition the country for greatness. This is exactly what the LP stands for. I charge Nigerians to embrace the party, support us and let us have a change for once and have a country where the citizens will be proud to be Nigerians. If you try something for 22 years and got no good result, common sense tells you that you needed to change your approach. It is time for Nigerians to change their approach, change APC and PDP and embrace LP and see what it offers, I assure you that the difference will be clear.

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