Bigiano – Rise to Fame



Bigiano – Rise to Fame

Bigiano - Rise to Fame

Let us take it back to the early days of the super star. Young Babalola Oluwagbemiga Gabriel aka Bigiano, who as we know hails from Ibadan, a big city in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Bigiano’s Child Hood

Bigiano disclosed that his father was a Christian but disciplinarian and this has made him choose his steps carefully and with fear in his heart. But at some point in his life, he went deeply into the world.

We might never know all his childhood struggles as the superstar has said that he turned his whole childhood pain into art and tattooed them on his body so that it will always be a reminder of what life truly put him through growing up in such rough situations.

My tattoos are about growing up, as well as stages in my life. The best way to put it out of myself is to put it on my body and be seeing it till I die because there is so much that has happened and I can’t be telling everybody. So, the best way was to put it on my body

Venture Into Music

Bigiano discovered his love for songerwriting at a tender age coupled with the fact that he is from a Christian background. He did not grow up with a silver spoon so like many artistes from the slumps, he had to struggle for a lot of things when he started off. Getting studio sessions were a blessing back in the day.

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He started his career with Triple B and has picked up two awards – best video of the year and viewers’ choice award – at the Sound City Musical Video Awards in Nigeria to cap his efforts. They released an official single in 1999 called “Egba Mi”.

Choosing a Stage Name

In an interview with This Day Newspaper, Bigiano disclosed that his name is an acronym for Born Irrepressible Genius Individual Africa Number One. I used to be with a band called, Triple B back in 1999 and 2000 when we released Eegbami and featured a couple of people. It was BQ, B flex and BG that formed it. Then I left the band and decided not to use BG anymore, which is an abbreviation of my name Bolaji Gabriel and I decided to work around myself, as you know yourself more than anyone does. And the acronym of my stage name is the real me and what I stand for

Hit Song

He rose to fame in 2008, had one of the biggest songs of 2008 in Nigeria. The track, Shayo, was a crowd favourite and it enjoyed considerable airplay. His family’s Christian background helped shape his music orientations – he started in the church as a choir master and music co-ordinator. Bigiano left the church in 1998/1999 to pursue his musical career and he officially joined a group called Triple B.

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Bigiano officially released his first album called “Shayo Master” in 2008, which was a huge success and he shot his first official music video in Johannesburg in 2009. The song has made him a superstar and an A-list artist in Nigeria.

Bigiano also said that music was harder back when he released the hit single shayo because the Nigerian music industry still suffered heavily in the hands of pirates and they were at the mercy of these guys. He is glad that today more cooperate bodies have found their way to make music business more profitable for the artistes.

Back when I released Shayo, we had to go through with the Alaba marketers but now social media is already doing all of that. Now, a lot of cooperate bodies are going into the music business, so we are growing gradually

– Bigiano


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