Bola Tinubu's Son (Seyi Tinubu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family
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Bola Tinubu’s Son (Seyi Tinubu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family



Seyi Tinubu Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Bola Tinubu's Son (Seyi Tinubu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Seyi Tinubu is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist. He is well-known for his work as the chief executive officer for Loatsad Promomedia, a digital outdoor advertising firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. Seyi was born on the 3rd of March 1985 in Lagos, Nigeria, and earned a bachelor’s degree in business Management from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Full NamesSeyi Tinubu
Stage NameSeyi Tinubu
Date Of Birth13 October 1985
Age37 Years old
State of OriginLagos State
OccupationBusinessman • Politician
SpouseLayal Holm (m. 2016)
Marital StatusMarried
Academics University of Maryland
University of Buckingham
Net Worth$5 million

Seyi Tinubu Biography

The current Nigerian President’s first son Seyi Tinubu is a renowned Nigerian politician and businessman who has earned the respect and admiration for his impressive accomplishments. As the sole child of Bola Tinubu who is the revered chief of the All Progressives Congress, Seyi‘s legacy is rooted in a long tradition of influence and leadership.

Seyi Tinubu has risen to prominence across a variety of industries, thanks to his entrepreneurship creating a notable image for himself. As the director for Loatsad Promomedia which is a prominent outdoor advertising business in Nigeria, He showcases his marketing and business skills.

Beyond his business ventures, Seyi Tinubu is a true advocate for social change. Through his charitable efforts, he established The Noella Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that provides healthcare and education for children who are disadvantaged in Nigeria. This philanthropic initiative is a reflection of his deep care for the well-being and future opportunities of the poor.

With an impressive mix of business expertise, political connections, and philanthropic endeavors, Seyi Tinubu has established himself as a person to be considered. His influence is far beyond his professional accomplishments and inspires others to embrace entrepreneurship, charity, and social accountability.

Early Life

Seyi Tinubu was born on the 3rd of March 1985 in Lagos Island, Nigeria, and comes from a family invested in public and political service. The father of Seyi, Bola Tinubu is an iconic persona in Nigerian politics, as well as the former governor of Lagos State, and the present President of Nigeria as of 2023 has significantly affected Seyi‘s existence. The mother Seyi Tinubu, Oluremi Tinubu, an elected Nigerian Senator, has encouraged and guided him through his life.

In terms of family and love, Seyi Tinubu is happily married to Layal Holm and their union has brought them two gorgeous children. In addition to his responsibilities in the political and business worlds, Seyi finds satisfaction in his love of sports, especially as an avid fan of Arsenal Football Club. This shared love of football has certainly given him moments of camaraderie as well as connections.

In the dynamic tapestry of the family of his father, Seyi Tinubu has a special bond with his siblings. Together with a brother involved in politics, and two sisters with the name Folashade Tinubu Ojo, Their collective influence extends far beyond their ictivities. He is the brother of Folashade Tinubu OjoJide Tinubu, and Abibat Tinubu. Their different paths add to the diverse tapestry of their family’s history.

Seyi Tinubu’s family tree has become the focus of speculation by the public. He is believed to be the result of his father’s previous marriage with Bunmi Oshonaike an air hostess. In the past, Seyi orchestrated an extravagant celebration to celebrate Bunmi Oshonaike‘s 60th birthday. Seyi is sure to take great pleasure in watching the amazing transformation of himself into a caring and responsible husband and father.


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How old is Seyi Tinubu?

He was born on the  13th of October 1985, and he is 38 years old as of 2023.


Seyi Tinubu embarked on his academic journey at St. Saviour’s Academy situated in Lagos, Nigeria, laying the foundation for his academic endeavors. His path to education led him to the United Kingdom, where he pursued his primary studies at Holmewood House School. In the wake of his academic successes, he was enrolled in Milton Abbey School where he was immersed in new knowledge and experiences.

To broaden his horizons even further, Seyi Tinubu decided to pursue Lincoln University, an eminent institution that could give him valuable insight and possibilities. However, his education journey turned out to be quite interesting as he traveled across the Atlantic into the United States. At the prestigious University of Maryland in Baltimore, Seyi focused on his studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree between 2004 and 2008.

Seyi Tinubu continued his education through the University of Buckingham motivated by his desire for knowledge and his desire to grow intellectually. It was in the walls of this renowned institution that he cultivated his love for law. He eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree in 2010.


Seyi Tinubu is a well-known Nigerian business and charity persona, the director of Loatsad Promomedia, the most prominent outdoor advertising business in Nigeria. Famous for his creativity and inventiveness, Seyi has earned a reputation for creating and constructing stunning billboards that exude elegance as well as originality and incredible atmosphere.

Through his expertise in law and experience, he has successfully negotiated more than a thousand transactions in advertising and has accumulated substantial profits for himself as well as his highly regarded clients.

Bola Tinubu's Son (Seyi Tinubu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

However, Seyi Tinubu‘s influence is not limited to the boardroom. He’s a proponent of social responsibility, as shown by his creation and leadership of his Noella Foundation. This non-profit foundation is dedicated to helping the most disadvantaged Nigerian children by offering them educational scholarships as well as healthcare assistance, among other vital resources. Seyi Tinubu is now a source of hope thanks to his foundation, paving the way to a brighter future for the most vulnerable.

Seyi Tinubu created the NGO TELD at the age of 5, motivated by his dedication to social advancement.

The organization’s mission is to improve the life of Nigeria’s most disadvantaged and marginalized youth by providing the financial aid needed to pay for school tuition as well as access to mentorship programs. Seyi’s passion for empowering the next generation is without limits since he is the coordinator of the Bola Tinubu Foundation. It was established in 2012, the foundation is aimed at providing education, training, and hunger relief programs to the citizens of Nigeria.

In December 2013, Seyi Tinubu created a unique outreach program, in which Seyi Tinubu personally organized the donation of 3,000 rice sacks along with cooking oil for people who were in need. This gesture of kindness illustrates his deep-rooted dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

In addition, Seyi supports the Youth Musical Fiesta which is an annual event started by his mother senator Oluremi Tinubu who has young talent from different church choirs to show off their talents while competing in a showcase of creativity and music.

Seyi Tinubu‘s multiple initiatives, which span the realms of philanthropy, business, and community empowerment portray an empathetic and committed individual. Through Loatsad Promomedia, the Noella Foundation, TELD NGO, and his participation in the Bola Tinubu Foundation, Seyi has been etched into the fabric of Nigerian advancement. With his determination to help others, he helps pave the way to a more positive, better, more inclusive, and prosperous future for the nation he is a part of.


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Personal Life

Bola Tinubu's Son (Seyi Tinubu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Seyi Tinubu is happily married to the person he loves the most, Layal Jade Tinubu also known by the name of Layal Holm. The couple got wedded in Italy in August 2016. The couple has two children which includes a daughter named Noella Tinubu.

It was tragically, Seyi Tinubu‘s brother, Jide Tinubu was killed suddenly on the streets of London in October 2017 due to an attack on the heart.

Net Worth

Seyi Tinubu is a happily married man with two kids and is the director of Loatsad Promo Media Ltd.

Seyi Tinubu has an estimated value of $5 million as of 2023.


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Social Media

  • Twitter: Seyi Tinubu (@STinubu)
  • Instagram: Seyi Tinubu (@seyitinubu)
  • Facebook: Seyi Tinubu

Notable Recognitions of Seyi Tinubu

  • He received the Honour of the Most Influential People Of African Descent under 40 in 2019.
  • Special Recognition Award by JustU Magazine at the Award Night held by JustU, 2019.
  • He also received the Europe Business Assembly Award (EBA) for Best Enterprise and Manager of the Year 2019.
  • The Excellence Award in Media Enterprise by the Sapoi Club in 2019.
  • Business Person of the Year, Entrepreneur Africa Award 2019.
  • Patron of Man o’ War Lagos in 2019.
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Leadership Excellence Awards in 2017.

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