Davido's Baby Mama (Ivanna Bay ) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family
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Davido’s Baby Mama (Ivanna Bay ) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family



Ivanna Bay ) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Davido's Baby Mama (Ivanna Bay ) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Ivanna Bay, a stunning French woman, has garnered immense interest on social media after her announcement that she was expecting the child of the famous musician Davido. The revelation was made just days when American female Anita Brown shared screenshots and videos in which she accused Davido of having a baby with him.

Full NamesDjengue Nkake Paola
Stage NameIvanna Bay
Date Of Birth7 September 2000
Age23 Years old
Place of BirthParis, France
OccupationEntrepreneur,Real Estate Agent
SpouseDavido (rum.)
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$100,000-$500,000

Ivanna Bay Biography

Ivanna Bay who is also known by her real name Djengue Nkake Paola is a gorgeous French model from France. In addition to her modeling career, she’s also a popular online personality and has awed viewers with her captivating presence and captivating content. She is not just able to draw attention for her gorgeous beauty however, she is also an expert businesswoman and property agent.

Working within the beautiful capital city of Paris, Ivanna Bay has earned herself the status of an experienced professional in the property world. With a deep understanding of Paris’s architectural marvels and hidden treasures, She guides her clients with skill and aplomb, making sure that her customer’s dreams are fulfilled by finding the ideal home in the midst of Parisian life.

In recent months, Ivanna Bay has been in the middle of an online social media firestorm. Some intriguing images have appeared on various social media platforms, allegedly showing conversations with the world-renowned musician Davido. The conversations revolve around the rumor of a possible pregnancy that has sparked curiosity and interest in the ardent fans who follow the two artists, Ivanna Bay and Davido.

While these images continue to circulate on popular platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp the buzz of speculation lingers on the internet. The public and its followers scrutinize the apparent correspondence, to find out more about the possibility of a connection between these fascinating people. Then, another woman known as Anita Brown said she was pregnant with Davido and the revelations of this threw the social networks into a frenzied trend.

Early Life & Education

Ivanna Bay, a stunning French citizen was born on the 17th of September 2000, in the bustling capital city of Paris. Growing up in a warm family, she had an idyllic and joyous childhood with her loving parents.

Although she has kept the private details of her family life the beautiful bond that she has with her parents is a testament to the love and warmth that was hers during her early days.

In regards to Ivanna Bay‘s educational background, There is a longing to know more in order to clarify this aspect of her story. Examining her academic journey could provide valuable insight into her academic endeavors.


How old is Ivanna Bay? She was born on the 7th of September 2000, and she is 23 years old as of 2023.


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Davido's Baby Mama (Ivanna Bay ) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Ivanna Bay‘s career is an incredible story of success and accomplishment. With her unwavering determination and unmatched talent, she has carved the path that distinguishes her from the rest of the pack.

Beginning as an agent in real estate, Ivanna Bay has a charismatic personality and genuine enthusiasm to help others.

She soon became a sought-after realtor, recognized for her ability to meet with clients and fulfill their desires of finding their dream home. Her hardworking spirit and outstanding communication skills made sure she consistently produced outstanding outcomes, whether she was helping novice buyers or more experienced investors.

However, Ivanna Bay didn’t stop at that point. After accumulating more than 150 thousand Instagram fans, she understood the potential of the online world and utilized the potential of social media to expand her professional horizons. Incorporating social media into her business She created an online presence, enthralling the audience with captivating articles and creative concepts. Utilizing strategic marketing strategies as well as a keen sense of trends, she turned her social media followers into a profitable business.

Ivanna Bay‘s journey is an example of her perseverance and unwavering determination to achieve excellence. Her ability to meet new challenges and capitalize on opportunities has brought her to the top of her field. She is an inspiration for young professionals, showing that, with determination and passion you can achieve incredible success.


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Personal Life

Davido's Baby Mama (Ivanna Bay ) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Ivanna Bay is known for keeping her private life secret and remains a mystery when it comes to revealing details regarding her relationship. At just 23, Ivanna has maintained a sense of mystery, allowing her fans and media to wonder about her romantic relationships.

On the 28th of July, 2023 Ivanna Bay posted on her Instagram post to share an exciting day that sparked her followers with their curiosity. In a lighthearted attitude, she could not avoid thinking about the many women who are allegedly connected to the famous singer, Davido. In a lighthearted way, she contemplated the idea of these women joining a soccer team because of their connections to Davido.

But the thing that caught everyone’s attention was the moment Ivanna Bay herself revealed the news on Instagram. She claimed to be Davido‘s sixth baby mama, her announcement caused many speculations as well as discussions with the public and fans.

Although there is some doubt about the credibility assertions, a lot are eagerly awaiting clarification or attempts to deflect from the Nigerian superstar himself. As the story unfolds social media platforms are becoming a central place for news and clarifications about Ivanna Bay‘s claimed connection to Davido in addition to the imminent baby’s arrival.

Net Worth

Ivanna Bay, an experienced real estate agent from France has amassed the sum between $100,000 and $500,000. This suggests that her investment and assets amount to an impressive sum, which is a sign of her proficiency and effectiveness in the real estate business.

With her achievements and vast market expertise, Ivanna Bay has established herself as a respected and wealthy person in her area of expertise.


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Social Media

You can follow her on the social media handle below:

  • Instagram handle: Ivanna Bay (@ivannabayy)

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