Nigeria's DJ Cuppy Tapped As Host of Apple Music's African Now Radio Show -  Essence

Exposed! Why Dj Cuppy Is So Obsessed With Zlatan


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Nigeria's DJ Cuppy Tapped As Host of Apple Music's African Now Radio Show -  Essence

You might recall that sometime back, Dj Cuppy, the famous Otedola’s daughter took to her twitter page to rant about her confusion over the fact that popular Nigerian artiste Zlatan has refused to pick her call and also blocked her on whatsapp. A public outburst of such which left the people overwhelmed. First at the thought of the fact that here is a rich kid who has everything on a platter lamenting over something as degenerating as chasing a young artiste who obviously came out of nowhere. Nigeria a country of immeasurable pride and prejudice has not surprised me by reasoning this way, a rich man being down to earth is proportional to being insane. Compared to Dj Cuppy, Nigerians believe that Zlatan is on the lower side of the chat when it comes to affluence and recognition so the reason why Dj Cuppy has been all of him must have left most Nigerians dumbfounded. There can be only one thing that can make a girl hooked despite her social stand or monetary asset in the society., and that is love. So could Dj Cuppy be head over hills for Zlatan. It is still a combination that would be hard to digest considering the difference in their social class but it gets worse when Zlatan went on a radio interview and denied ever knowing Dj Cuppy. According to twitter users, there is definitely something fishy going on, I hope it is not anything messing when it eventually comes to light but as for the tip that I have for you, judging from the general way girls have been programed to use their minds, Dj Cuppy might just have it in for Zlatan.

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