The HBO series adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series Game of Thrones has continuously broken records in viewership as well as awards won. It’s one of the most popular shows in the world for its content, storyline, ground-breaking cinematography, and of course, acting. Audiences have come to know and love the actors, yet only really know them as the character they play. We thought we’d show you what they look like in real life, along with some fun facts about them, their characters, and what it takes to be a part of Game of Thrones.Have you seen what the actress who plays Cersei Lannister looks like in real life?

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)

Looking a bit more put-together in real life, without his battle scars and sporting a suit, it looks as though Dinklage didn’t need too much done in order to pull off the Tyrion Lannister look. Of course, they did need to change his hair color to give him the signature golden hair of a Lannister, and he also needed to grow out his beard since hygiene is not of the utmost importance in Westeros.

Before truly coming into his own on Game of Thrones, Dinklage acted in films such as Elf, Find Me Guilty, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and more. Since playing Tyrion Lannister, he has won an Emmy, been nominate numerous times, and also won a Golden Globe.

Thrones Fact: Peter Dinklage is now one of the highest paid actors on television for his performance on Game of Thrones.

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams)

When she’s not playing Arya Stark, who slits throats and knocks people off her kill list on Game of Thrones, it looks as if Maisie Williams can be seen wearing pink dresses, jewelry, and a big smile, unlike her rather dark character. Who would have thought that a girl who pulled off playing a little boy for an extended period of time could clean up so well?

Although her character resents the idea of being lady-like, it appears that’s not the case in reality. It must be nice to clean off all of the dirt and muck she’s consistently covered in all the time during shooting!

Thrones Fact: Her portrayal of the character Arya was her first role as a professional actress.

Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie)

On Game of Thrones, Gwendoline Christie portrays the fiercely loyal monster of a woman named Brienne of Tarth. She is known for her ruthlessness in combat and most men have to look up to even speak with her. Although her character certainly seems formidable enough, Christie’s demeanor out of costume seems much more approachable and even perky, something Brienne is incapable of in Game of Thrones.

The character she plays is interesting enough, but there are some pretty unique facts about the actress too. Prior to acting, Gwendoline was a semi-professional gymnast and considered becoming a nun. She also doesn’t know how old she is!

Thrones Fact: On set, she almost tipped over a porta potty while texting in full armor. Close call!

Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)

Since Jamie is described in the book series as being stunningly attractive and the best swordsman in the realm (until he lost his hand), it is no surprise that they chose handsome Coster-Waldau as the man to play him on the television show. Much like Peter Dinklage, it looks like they didn’t have to do much work to make him look like Jamie Lannister except give him some golden hair and throw some Kingsgaurd armor on him.

Also, in his picture in real life, it’s nice to see him crack a smile — which isn’t something that happens all that often in the series. It has to be a relief to switch from armor to a suit every once and a while.

Thrones fact: On set, he celebrated his birthday while chained up as a prisoner, cake and all!

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner)

Although Turner is pretty in both the television show as well as real life, it’s certainly nice to see some color in her face off of the set and out of costume. Looks like she has no problem slipping out of her animal skin furs and Stark regalia to trade it in for a nice dress while in public.

It’s always interesting to see these characters with real makeup on their face instead of makeup that is supposed to make them look as gaunt and miserable as possible on the show. Turner seems to be doing alright for herself considering that the Lady of Winterfell just recently got engaged to Joe Jonas.

Thrones Fact: She actually owns the dog that played her dire wolf “Lady” on the show. She adopted it during filming.

Jon Snow (Kit Harrington)

Potentially the actor with the least transformation to play their character on the show, Kit Harrington has become a heartthrob worldwide. He’s always been an attractive lad, but his heroic deeds and strong character as Jon Snow have brought him global attention by all, Game of Thrones fans or not.

To play Jon Snow, it looks like he has to throw his hair in a man bun in case of a sword fight, and don his King of the North outfit complete with Valyrian steel sword Longclaw, of course. Also, some makeup is applied to make Harrington look as stressed and battle-worn as his character is.

Thrones Fact: He was sworn to secrecy about the future of his character but once told a police officer to get out of a ticket.

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)

Although she’s a favorite on the television show, you very well might pass by Emilia Clarke on the street unknowingly without her staple silver Targaryen hair or dragon companions. Emilia Clarke certainly undergoes many transformations on-set according to what her character Daenerys is undergoing at the time. She goes from clean to dirty back to clean so many times it makes your head spin.

Clarke also goes through numerous costume changes as Daenerys slowly rises to power throughout the series. Even though she rides a mechanical bull-like mechanism in front of a green screen during her dragon riding scenes, it feels as though she really has a special connection with them.

Thrones Fact: On set, she was uncomfortable filming her nude scenes and would drink a small glass of vodka to calm her nerves.

Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen)

It looks like a shower and a haircut does Alfie Allen quite a bit of good and considering that he wasn’t actually tortured for years on end probably helps too. Like most characters on the show, it’s nice to see Allen doing something other than grimacing or crying right before Ramsay takes of another one of his appendages like in the show.

It’s a pleasant reminder that these actors and actresses are actually real people and haven’t suffered the atrocities of their characters. Believe it or not, Allen’s sister is the famous singer-songwriter Lily Allen whose hit song “Alfie” is about him being a lazy, pothead little brother.

Thrones Fact: Alen was actually strapped on to the big “X” during his torture scenes in Season 3 for extended periods of time.

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