·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊The Guardian✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌

“Shrewd is he who has seen danger and proceeded to conceal himself”

» Chapter 5: Code Red «

It’s been eight days since Josh left planet earth. And ever since He got out of coma he’s been in the training room aboard the space ship honing his skills. Josh thought it especially imperative as it would take time for Him to get used to his powers after sealing them away for so long. So he kept training on his special moves, working on his aura essence’s control and release. Josh was famous for his “Golden spiral ball blast”. It was a very powerful technique centered on extremely precise control of one’s aura essence, as this particular technique was based on focusing one’s aura essence on his palm and then releasing it. The General color Aura essences take when they manifest is Red but, Josh’s was unique and had a characteristic Golden color.
The Golden spiral ball blast was rumored to be Josh’s ultimate technique but He has always been one to have an ace up his sleeve. Being a notable tactician, Josh doesn’t believe in revealing all your cards till it’s absolutely necessary.

“Gosh! Never thought it’ll be this hard,” Josh said to himself as he collapsed on the floor panting. All the combat robots and machines which facilitated the tedious training were all but destroyed completely.

“I have to get stronger so I can protect everyone,” Josh spoke, staring at the Red bracelet clenching his left wrist.

“Ah this is so just quite like you mate” a voice spoke out.
“You forgot your pals and started rolling with the young lasses right away didn’t you mate?” The person said further as he walked towards Josh.

“Hmmph Silas” sighed Josh recognizing His british accent.

“Oh so you do remember me, how marvelous,” Silas said with sarcasm as he stood looking down on Josh who was still panting on the floor.

“Silas it’s not like that bro. A lota things happened so fast but, it’s no excuse. I’m sorry,” Josh admitted.

“Hmm whatever, you’ve always been good with words,” Silas said.

“I have to continue training, wanna join me?” Josh asked as he got up.

“Nah nah are you crazy? You want me to end up looking like these combat equipments?” Silas said pointing to the scrap of metals lying all over the room.

“Hahaahah aww don’t get like that, I promise I’ll go easy on you,” Josh teased.

“Better be careful Jay, I’m way stronger than I was three years ago,” Silas declared.

“Oh? Really? You don’t say,” Josh replied teasingly.

“Okay that does it, you’re on,” said Silas as he charged up his aura essence.
The pressure created by his aura essence pushed back the air surrounding him.

“Whoa! That’s so impressive!” Josh said.

“I can sense your sarcasm Josh, prepare yourself! I’m coming!” Silas announced before dashing towards Josh.

“Wow! That was close!” Josh said as he dodged Silas’ punch. “You’ve gotten faster,” Josh remarked.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, you mangy twit! Hehehe” said Silas with a cheeky smile.

“Hahahah this is great! Bring it on!” Josh said as he charged towards Silas.


Meanwhile, On the control deck aboard the ship, the Captain General Jim Bandwater was taking his sweet time analyzing top priority inter-galactic data.

“So that is it Captain Bandwater, the intel we got shows that *they* have undoubtedly begun to move,” a man spoke via a computer screen.

“Hmm how authentic is this intel?” The Captain General asked.

“I’m afraid it is quite punctilious,” the man of the screen answered. “Also you must set course for planet Moontressor, we have reasons to believe that’s where they’ll be. You must engage them with extreme prejudice for they are unbelievably powerful. Make sure “The Guardian” is on this mission,” the man spoke further.

“Hmm. .. . about that, I Do not think that is a good idea.. He..”

“Captain Bandwater I am quite aware of the situation, but the U.N.O has made the apprehension of these individuals and their motives top priority. So do what you must. Just make sure *He is ready.” The man ordered before ending transmission.

“Tsk!! This Tediously troublesome, terribly tiring task!” The Captain General snorted.

“Aww there you go again slaughtering alphabets coza frustration,” Celine said with a sigh.

Ignoring Celine, Captain Jim said, “Captain Rebecca set course for planet Moontressor.”

“Oh? Planet Moontressor? Under what protocol?” Rebecca asked.

“Hmph Code Red,” Jim replied.

“It’s ‘them’ isn’t it? They’ve begun to move,” said Celine.

“Yeah, the Intel we have shows they might be up to something on Moontressor and SIFT has been charged with bringing ’em down,” The Captain General affirmed.

“I don’t understand, what could they possibly want with Moontressor?” Celine pondered.

“That’s what we are going to find out soon enough. By the way, get me the “HDK file” as soon as possible.” Jim told Celine.

“I’ll have Karien bring it to you immediately.” Said Celine.

“Celine there’s one more thing. Josh will be on this mission.” Jim announced.

“It’s understandable, isn’t that the reason we brought him here in the first place? Why do you look so worried?” Asked Celine.

“I don’t want any liabilities, He might be a problem. If he loses control of his aura essence he might put this mission in jeopardy.” Jim said.

“You need to have more faith than that Captain. Besides the limiter was used to seal off the dark matter inside of him. I don’t think there’ll be any problem.” Celine told the Captain.

“Hmm I hope so, I certainly hope so” sighed the Captain General.

Meanwhile back in the training room, Josh and Silas clashed, trading blow for blow, matching skills with skills.

“Hahahah you sure have gotten cocky Silas” laughed Josh.

“Oh yeah? well how about this?” Silas said just before charging at Josh with an incredible speed and then landed a heavy blow on his opponent.

“eh? Shit!” Silas exclaimed realizing what he has just punched was only Josh’s after-image.

“You frigging fast bastard!” Exclaimed Silas. Josh suddenly appeared behind him and said, “Hahahah gotcha! I win!”

“Darn it! I fell for that ”
‘after-image trick’ again,” Silas said.

“Well a good tactic is more valuable than strength in battle,” Josh pointed out.

“Yeah yeah yeah I give up, you win,” Silas said admittedly.

“You’ve gotten stronger you know. To think I had to resort to tactics to beat you.” Josh said as both young men approached a refreshment machine located at the extreme end of the training room.

“Yeah right. Don’t patronize me Josh. We both know you were holding back,” Silas retorted.

“Well I’m sure you were holding back too, you didn’t use your *morph ability*” Josh said winking at silas while handing him a chilled soda.

“Hehehe still as perceptive as ever,” Silas remarked.
While they were both relaxing Josh said, “I heard about Captain Haygreaves. ”

“Yeah quite unfortunate actually” Silas responded.

“What happened?” Josh inquired. “Celine didn’t tell you?” Silas asked.

“Nah she didn’t, besides I didn’t wanna open old wounds.” Said Josh.

“I suppose you’re right.” Silas noted. “Before he was killed the Captain was working on something. It was something very top secret.” Silas continued.

“What was He working on?” Josh asked.

“He was investigating a particular secret cult made up of highly dangerous felons. As regards their aim and purpose no one knows. They’ve been working in the shadows for so long. I think the Captain figured something out but was killed before he could share any Intel. He’s body was never found.” Silas said.

“What?! How horrible!” Josh exclaimed. “But for someone to take out Captain Haygreaves, hmm whoever it was must have been unbelievably strong.” Josh remarked.

“Yeah definitely,” Silas said in agreement.

“Is that why I was brought back in?” Josh asked.

“Yeah I’m certain. We’ve been gathering intel on this cult, tracking their activities. It isn’t easy because we still haven’t been able to uncover their identities.” Silas said.

“Well I guess we’ll find out when the time is right,” Josh said with a sigh.

“Hehe always so carefree, you do know this is serious right?” Said Silas with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah bro but just thinking about it won’t solve anything, see ya later bro. I’m gon see the Captain General” Said Josh as he left the training room.

As much as Josh wanted to deny it, the mystery surrounding this unknown cult was eating him up. He couldn’t help but feel intrigued. Topping it all was the mystery surrounding Haygreaves’ death. Whoever defeated him must have had power levels above the charts. Josh pondered over these as he freshened up. Getting himself all suited up in a very super hero-like fashion, Josh stared at the mirror. He looked perfect.
Making his way to the control deck Josh met up with Karien who was carrying a Red file and looking rather tensed.

“Eh? Where are you going in such a hurry Karien?” Josh asked.

“J-Josh? wow!” Karien exclaimed, staring at him in shock.

“Karien?” Josh called out rather confused.

“Uhm the Captain General wants this file and I’m already late,” she replied.

“C’mon it aint that bad. You don’t have to be so tensed ’cause of that okay?” Josh told her.

“Actually it is. The Captain is strict. I have to Hurry!” Karien insisted.

Josh noticed the file was labeled “HDK” and wondered what that meant.

“Josh… .. .. ?” Karien called out as they got to the control deck.

“Yeah?” Josh responded.

“Uhm I wasn’t able to come see you when you were at the ward but I’m glad you’re okay. I really am,” she spoke in a shaky voice.

“Thanks a lot Karien,” Josh said with a smile.
And Karien responded with a most-charming smile. It was incredible. Josh suddenly got dazed wondering what that was all about. But this wasn’t the time to be thinking about something like that as the Captain’s voice came rushing into his ears.

“Karien! You’re freaking late!”

“My apologies Captain. She was late ’cause of me,” Josh said in Karien’s defense.

“Hmm Just get me the file!” Captain Jim grunted. Taking the file from Karien the Captain General began browsing through it.

“Captain Jim Bandwater right? Can I talk to you for a minute?” Josh said.

“Hmm what is it?” The Captain asked.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me out, For stopping me.” Josh said calmly.

“Don’t thank me, it’s my responsibility,” Jim said. “Besides, now is not the time for such. We have a mission. A member of a particularly dangerous secret cult has been sighted on Moontressor. We want you to stop him. Bring him in alive if possible but don’t expect it to be easy” Jim said further.

“Hahahah Isn’t that why I’m here, to carry out the difficult missions?” Laughed Josh.

“Hmm I’m glad you can laugh about it but remember to keep that other power of yours in check. If you lose control I’ll be there to stop you by any means necessary,” Jim warned. Josh could clearly perceive that he was dead serious. There was something about the Captain that worried Josh; the fact that he had two black bracelets on both his wrists. Could those be limiters?

“What’s with this guy?” Josh pondered.

“Never thought I’ll be seeing you in that outfit Jay. You’re looking good.” Celine said.

“Heheh Celine aww are you tryna make me blush?” Josh responded.

“Hahahah you? Blush? No way!” Celine joked.

“Alright love birds settle down,” Silas butted in.

“Silas what’s up?” Celine called out.

“Uhm I’m good. I heard we’ve got a lead” Silas said.

“Yeah we’re heading to Moontressor,” Celine answered.

“Moontressor? What could they possibly want with that wretched old planet?” Silas asked.

“I’ve been asking the same question myself” Celine said.

“Celestial Orbs..” Josh spoke softly. “I have to talk with the Captain General,” said Josh before rushing towards the Captain’s office.

“What is wrong with him?” Silas asked.

“I wish I knew,” sighed Celine.

“Captain I think I know what their target is!” Josh said barging into the Captain’s office.

“Badly behaved bothersome barbaric baboon!” Jim said in anger.

“Oops! I’m sorry but I think I have figured something out.” Josh said.

“Hmmm speak up!” Jim grunted.

“I think they are after the Celestial Orb in Moontressor.” Josh said.

“Yeah I know” Jim answered. “What? you do?” Questioned Josh in shock.

“Oh please! SIFT made it its duty to gather intel concerning the rumored “Celestial Orbs.”. Such intel is classified info. The Celestial Orbs holds great energy and powers the life of every living being on their individual planets. Moontressor has one.” Jim said.

“Captain so you must know there are six other planets each housing a Celestial Orb like Moontressor,” said Josh.

“Yeah I know. But how did you get to know all these?” Jim asked.

“A scientist spoke about ’em a long time ago,” Josh replied. “In any case you know what would happen if the orbs were to be removed from their planets right?”

“Every life on that planet will die and the planet itself will be destroyed.” Jim answered.

“So that was why you guys never ceased the Celestial Orbs,” Josh said.

“Hmm you are just as perceptive as they say” said Jim.

“Captain if they are after the Celestial Orb then I know where they’ll be heading.” Uttered Josh.

“We know the orb is usually kept in a hidden sanctuary, we just don’t know where.” Jim said in return.

“Well I happen to know where. The Celestial Orb doesn’t just power up the life on its planet, the inhabitants of such planet see it as a god. And thus its hidden sanctuary would be a temple.” Josh pointed out.

“Hmm Rebecca how many temples are their on Moontressor?” Jim radioed the pilot.

“Just one Captain,” Rebecca replied.

“Captain there seem to be some kind of activity going on there” Rebecca said to the captain.

“What kind of activity?” Asked Jim. “I’m detecting a very powerful aura essence in that area. Also there is a fluctuation of aura essences, It seems like a battle is going on down there” Rebecca radioed back.

“Shit! They are already there!” Josh said.

“Rebecca get the ‘transporter’ ready!” Jim ordered.

Stepping into the control deck Jim called out to everyone; “listen up! We’ve got a lead and we must follow it! There is activity on Moontressor. But we won’t be able to make it on time if we travel by ship so I’m sending a small unit ahead of us via the transporter!” Jim spoke.

“Alright!! Let’s go!” Silas said in excitement.

“Silas you are staying behind!” Jim said.

“Josh and Celine are the ones I’m sending ahead for now” Jim pointed out.

“The transporter is set!” Rebecca informed them.

“When you get teleported to Moontressor make sure you keep whoever is down there occupied till back up arrives, is that understood?” Jim ordered.

“Got ya Captain!” Josh and Celine replied.

“See you when I get back Silas” Josh said.

“Be careful Josh” Karien spoke out as Josh and Celine were about to be teleported.

“Activating teleportation sequence now!” Rebecca declared. “Good luck mi loves!”

Josh and Celine’s traveled at the speed of light and arrived on Moontressor with a beam of silver light. But what they met at the temple of Moontressor was not a sight to behold. The temple was like a slaughter house. Everyone was dead! And the Celestial Orb? Gone! Josh was well aware of the strength the inhabitants of the planets affiliated with Celestial Orbs possessed but whoever killed these people made it look easy. Just what kind of power does he possess to have been able to subdue them so easily?

As they looked around the temple in search of survivals. They couldn’t have suspected that a certain entity was observing them closely from a far away distance.

“Hmm so this is the famous Guardian? He’s quite young. Looks like I’ll soon be having some fun”

Just who is this person?

keep ya eyes peeled and glued to GBOP to find out

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