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After Narrowly surviving his encounter with the overwhelming Prince El’charro, a powerful member of the secret cult “Herren Des Kosmos” Josh is sent to Bantheft at the request of Dr Joram whose twin daughters had been kidnapped. Though hesistant, He accepts the mission and this time his partner is an agent of SIFT Sub-zero division who surprisingly turns out to be Natasha Pearl Symorov, the very lady he had rescued back on earth.


·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Tɧe Guařdiaŋ✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌

“The power to conquer is for warriors but, the power to save marks a true warrior”

» Chapter 9: Infiltration «

Back on the Unicorn Ship everyone was on red alert as reports reaching them state that Herren Des Kosmos has begun to move once again and they’ve been tasked with the protection of the Celestial Orbs and their respective planets.

“I wonder how He’s doing?” Celine thought out loud, heaving a sigh. “Aww Mi love I’m sure he’s fine. Hehe unless you’re worried that he’s all alone with Tasha,” Rebecca teased. “Captain Becks C’mon! No way I’m worried about that,” Celine pouted in denial. “I just think he would’ve been more useful here that’s all,” Celine said further. “Hmph you just want him all to yourself,” Rebecca sighed. “Celine the Captain General wants you in his office right away,” Karien informed. “huh? Just me?” Asked Celine. “Silas has also been summoned,” Karien replied. “Hmm I wonder what’s up,” Celine wondered as she began to make her way to the Captain General’s office.


Meanwhile On planet Bantheft, Josh and Tasha continued with what appeared to be a lead on the kidnapping.

“Back then at that Doctor’s place you sounded as if you got a clue from the information he gave concerning the kinda weapons the insurgents were wielding,” Josh spoke from the balcony of the luxurious hotel room they were lodging in. “That’s because I did get a clue from what he said,” Tasha replied, as she joined him in the balcony. She was wearing a very short, skimpy and revealing pink nightgown. “Enjoying the view?” She asked smiling with smugness. “Y-yes the sky is rather pretty,” Josh stuttered and acted like he had no idea what she was referring to. “Heheh is that so?” Tasha’s smile had mischief written all over it. She knew he was clearly not comfortable with what she was putting on and was trying to act normal but She was enjoying every bit of her seductive stunt and wasn’t ready to stop now.
She carefully plastered herself against him; pushing her breasts, her hard nipples into his back , grinding her mounds into him and slowly used her fingers to gently caress his hair. “Are you sure that was what you were really staring at?” She spoke softly into his ear, teasing him, inflaming him. “So uhm Tasha tell me about this clue you got from Doctor Joram’s statement,” Josh stuttered, trying to change the subject, reddening as he spoke. “Well, there’s only one person on this godforsaken planet that could have access to illegal high grade tech weapons,” Tasha spoke as she moved away from Josh to rest her back on the balustrade. “Who might that be?” Inquired Josh. “He goes by the name E’festus Bellringer,” Tasha said before throwing her head backwards, allowing her hair to dance to the rhythm of the blowing wind and letting out a soft moan, her breasts bouncing joyously as she did that. “Bellringer? Seriously? Well that’s funny, his name doesn’t ring a bell,” Josh joked. “Hahahah cra’y you,” Tasha said laughing. “Well tonight we will be going to a little party,” Tasha announced. “Will this E’festus be attending?” “You bet he will,” Tasha replied. “He is the Chief Security officer of a particularly notorious association and I’ve got a hunch that they are involved with the recent cases of abduction,” Tasha explained. “So basically we’re attending this party to source this guy out, right?” Inquired Josh. “Yeap! Tonight we’ll sneak into his party and get the info we need,” Tasha affirmed.

Once it was time for them to embark on the mission at hand Josh and Tasha began to get dressed. Josh wore a classic black suit with a sparkling white shirt and a fitting black tie to match. Tasha on the other hand was really in the mood to create an impression. She wore a pair of high heels and her sexiest dress, a fine, red, clinging silk number. The top had a slightly diamond-like cut, revealing a teasing view of her glorious cleavage and a glimpse of her ample bosoms. The high slit in the dress exposed her firm long thighs.
“You look quite handsome in a suit,” Tasha said as she walked towards the car. But Josh just stood there, gaping at the image she made. “Well, don’t I deserve a compliment in return? Or should I take your speechlessness as one?” Tasha said with a wink. “Uuhm you look ravishing,” Josh said while opening the door of the car for her. “Hehe now that wasn’t so hard was it?” Smiled Tasha as she got in.

“Now remember once we get into the building we automatically from that moment on become strangers,” Tasha went over the plan as they arrived at the venue. “I know the drill Tasha,” Josh sighed. “But don’t go doing anything funny okay?” Josh admonished the brown haired beauty. “Hehe you worry too much,” Tasha said before walking ahead of Josh and making her way into the building.

According to plan, Josh made his entry few minutes after Tasha’s. “Tasha? I’m in,” he spoke to her via his earpiece. “I’ve got my eyes on you pretty boy, make your way to the mini bar south of your present location and watch me do my thing,” Tasha radioed back. As Josh made his way south of the building he immediately made contact with their intended target, E’festus Bellringer. “Blondie chilling with two ladies to your extreme right Tasha,” Josh informed his partner. “I see him. I’m moving in,” Tasha affirmed.
Josh cautiously stationed himself at the mini bar south of the building and watched as Tasha began to make her way towards E’festus. The room had a lot of people, people who were most likely hideous criminals and kingpins heading various dangerous organizations. Needless to say, they were in a very dangerous environment. Any slip up would jeopardize this mission. But despite the precarious atmosphere, Tasha turned out to be quite the daredevil as she began to walk gracefully through the room, knowingly swaying her hips, moving her body with sensual rhythm and making sure her breasts danced to every melody . She has always been a girl who knows how to get what she wants. Suddenly the men in the room became aware of her presence. The aura of her presence held them all spellbound as their eyes roamed hungrily, from where they were each seated, over her voluptuous hourglass figure. “Damn you Tasha! This is supposed to be a covert mission. Don’t overdo it,” Josh whispered to her through his earpiece. “Hehe you worry too much,” Tasha whispered back. Tasha was clearly enjoying all the lustful and dirty glare she was getting from every corner of the room but, she only had one target in mind- E’festus Bellringer. So she made sure she walked passed the table he was reclining on.

E’festus like everyone else, was clearly taken by this mysteriously sexy young woman who made the two beautiful bimbos with him negligible in comparison. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her body. She was exquisitely divine! She had created a desire, a certain intense thirst in him that he had never felt for any woman since his birth. He knew he had to get her no matter what. “Why don’t you join me, sexy?” he called out to her. Tasha looked at him and then, at the two bimbos beside him and uttered, “I don’t share.”
As Tasha began to catwalk towards the dance floor, E’festus eyes trailed her path with a burning desire. The two bimbos reclining with him silently cursed the brown haired beauty for unleashing her charm on their benefactor. He was clearly taken away from them now.
“Oh now you’re playing hard to get? We’ve gotta finish this mission as soon as possible. I’ve scanned him from my position. He has on him an electronic notepad. The info we need is in there,” Josh told Tasha. “Hehe I know that honey but I’m just starting with him. Now move to the dance floor,” Tasha radioed back. Heaving a sigh Josh began to make his way to the dance floor, approaching Tasha from the opposite direction. “And what are we supposed to do when we get to the dance floor?” Josh asked not liking where everything was going. “We’ll dance! Silly,” Tasha whispered back to him via her earpiece.
As Josh and Tasha met on the dance floor, Tasha immediately grabbed hold of his arm and pulled his body closer to hers and then she whispered into his ear, “Play along.”
Tasha was a very good dancer but Josh made sure he flowed with her rhythm. In no time they began to outshine the other couples on the dance floor. As they continued to dance, Tasha began to see other sides of Josh she hadn’t noticed before. The way he handled her, the way he made her body spin on the dance floor and caught her with his ever reassuring arms. She could tell He was quite unsure and quite inexperienced. He was quite the gentleman. All these made Tasha anxious to tease him some more. “What’s that wicked smile for?” Josh asked, whispering into her ear. “slowly slide your hand down my waists and grab my ass,” Tasha whispered softly into his ear. “Are you crazy?!?” Josh silently exclaimed into her ear but made sure his facial expression belied his disposition to her absurd request. “Hehe are you shy? Just do it. You have to trust me,” Tasha said smiling. Heaving a heavy sigh, Josh decided to comply with her wishes and thus began to slide his hand down her waist, gulping as he touched her soft round buttock. “Hehehe tell me you don’t love it,” Tasha teased. “God! Tasha this is so not relevant,” Josh stuttered.
Tasha was enjoying every bit of antics. She loved how he touched her ass, his hand felt so subtle and gentle. The way he carefully held the little morsel of her ass his hand could afford like an eggshell, as if it would break if he did otherwise. “Don’t you love how my boobs and fat ass are popping out in this dress?” Tasha teased further. “Uhm can I get my hand off your ass now?” Josh asked ignoring her question. “Not yet. Kiss me,” Tasha crooned into his ear. “What! Are you high?!” Josh immediately protested but silently and tactfully as he knew they were being watched. “Hehe what’s wrong? I know what I’m doing honey,” Tasha replied as they continued dancing. “Tasha it’s not a good idea. If you’re planning on using this as a strategy to get E’festus, it aint going to wor..mmm,” Josh’s statement was interrupted as Tasha lips suddenly met his. “Mmm Just *smooch* trust *smooch* me” Tasha spoke in between kisses. As far as she was concerned, she was killing two birds with one stone. She loved the puzzled look Josh had on his face, she could feel his heart pounding, adrenaline rushing. She began to smile with satisfaction when she finally felt his member stiffening and throbbing against her thigh. “I was beginning to think you didn’t find me attractive,” Tasha said feigning a sad look as they both continued to dance. “Tasha it’s not that but we have a mission at hand. We should really stay foc…” “Oh My! Are you saving all that for Celine alone?” Tasha interrupted Josh as she began to consciously grind her thigh against his member. “Is that it? Are you saving it for her?” Tasha teased further, lowering her eyes to the embarrassingly huge bulge appearing on Josh’s trouser. “Tasha how am I supposed to act normal when you’re putting me in an awkward situation?” Josh replied, trying his best to maintain his composure.

All this time E’festus never let Tasha out of his sight. He has been watching her, wanting her. And the fact that she was dancing with another man made him furious. He wanted her even more now and wasn’t going to waste anymore time contemplating whether she should be his or not. He suddenly got up and started to walk towards the dance floor. “His coming over,” Josh alerted Tasha on noticing E’festus’ approach.
Josh and Tasha continued dancing and tactfully separated from each other’s arms. “We’ll continue this later,” Tasha whispered into his ear before letting go of him. As Tasha continued on the dance floor, E’festus swooped in over to her and held her arm. “Come with me sexy…. Please,” he spoke softly with lust in his eyes. “I thought I told you I don’t share,” Tasha responded with a straight face. “I promise.. It’s just going to be just you and me,” he assured her. “You really want me that badly huh?” Tasha said with her lips dangerously close to his. “More than you can imagine,” E’festus said moving closer instinctively but Tasha pulled away before he got the chance to steal a kiss. She was clearly teasing him.
E’festus led Tasha through the herd of people to his most private room. “Here we are princess,” E’festus said as he opened the door for Tasha.
“Uuuh I see this room is fully stocked,” Tasha said as she entered into the luxuriantly decorated room and gracefully walked to the room’s mini bar. “Of course it is! This is my private chamber for special people only,” E’festus replied while shutting the door. “And right now you are my special queen. So make yourself at home,” he purred on. “Well don’t mind if I do,” Tasha said as she walked over to the counter and began serving herself a drink.
“I have to say I have never met anyone as pretty as you. Please show me kindness by telling me your beautiful name,” E’festus requested. “You can call me Pearl,” Tasha responded. “Oh what a befitting name for a truly precious gem,” E’festus sounded elated, clearly taken by Natasha’s beauty. “That man you were dancing with, is he an acquaintance?” “Don’t tell me you’re already jealous,” Tasha smirked in response. “No it’s not that. I just couldn’t help but notice the way you both danced,” E’festus said. “Well I’m drawn to very remarkable men,” Tasha said. “Then it’s my lucky day. For I am truly a remarkable man. I can make you a queen beyond imagining,” E’festus boasted. “Life isn’t all about prestige you know,” Tasha said calmly as she handed him a glass of wine and poured herself another drink. “I can tell you’re a woman who loves to be in control. So tell me what suits your fancy and I’ll make your wish come true,” E’festus said. Tasha looked at the man with blonde hair, took a sip and said, “I only have one wish.” Then she slowly moved closer to him and cooed into his ears, “but it’s a secret.”
Natasha’s voice sent a chilling sensation down E’festus’ spine. He was deeply stunned by her charm and all sorts of lustful desires had begun to crowd his thoughts, creating an animalistic side of him. He wanted to take her right there and now but, something about her was holding him back.
“Tell me please.. I can keep a secret,” E’festus pleaded, his eyes filled with desire. But before Tasha got the chance to say anything E’festus’ phone rang.
“Excuse me princess,” E’festus said before moving a little distance away from Tasha.
As E’festus continued his phone conversation, Tasha noticed his countenance slowly began to change. She suddenly started to have a bad feeling. The very moment E’festus raised his eyes towards her and said, “move in” She instinctively knew she was in danger. Her cover had been blown!!

In an instant heavily armed men suddenly rushed into the room through the windows and doors, all pointing their guns at her. “I should’ve known you were human. You’re beauty is truly out of this world, Natasha Pearl Symorov. Agents of SIFT should know better than to meddle in my business,” E’festus said to her with a furious frown. “Jeez thanks for the compliment,” Tasha smiled back at him, realizing the fact that all escape exits had been blocked and she was trapped. “Well it’s good to see that you can still smile. I really love that beautiful face of yours but just know this; you won’t leave here alive!” E’festus threatened with an intense glare.

` Ooops! Infiltration gone haywire.

` Tasha is in a very tight corner. How will she survive this?

` does she even stand a chance?

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