How We Accumulate Our Free 3 Odds Daily



How We Accumulate Our Free 3 Odds Daily

I have written on a working concept of how to win your accumulator bets. I think that sports betting should be taken as a part-time job that pays you reasonably on the side, rather than a get rich quick scheme. Anything did out of lukewarmness and lack of attention barely gets the reward it begs, hence sports betting might not benefit you if you do not put in the utmost attention it requires. Sports betting can be a thing of luck but that is only 20% of the whole process.

The Filtering Process

To select the perfect accumulator ticket, the first thing we do is filter out matches with a clear possibility of prediction. This is not as easy as it sounds as statistics would be critically analyzed in the process even though most predictable matches can be observed merely by sighting the fixture. You would agree with me that a lot of matches exist that are hard to predict. Likewise, there are football matches that would seem very easy to predict. E.g Chelsea against Huddersfield, a Championship side. This match would appear easy to predict as Chelsea is way ahead of Huddersfield. Why then do matches like this one end up messing up your accumulator with a draw as the outcome or worst still, Chelsea losing to the underdogs?

In as much as matches like that exist, it doesn’t end there; you would have to consider all the factors that might warrant a lackluster performance from the potential winner of the match. And that is what we do in the next phase. It is very easy to filter out matches that would generate 3odds on a weekday as a minimum of 30 matches can hold every day.

Risk Check

After collecting statistical data to filter down predictable matches, what we do next is consider current factors. Statistic helps you make a judgment based on historical events, our risk check concentrates on situations currently affecting the gameplay of a particular team. Taking time to go through team news, coaches’ decision for that particular match, who is injured and how serious is the match for the team, is there an upcoming competition, what’s in it for the smaller team? All these and more should be put into consideration before settling for an outcome that can translate to a debacle if you are not calm enough.

Choosing An Outcome

Remember my golden rule to winning your accumulator bet is to make sure every match has at least two outcomes no matter how tempting it is to pick a single outcome. A lot of bookmakers offer a wide range of options that it feels almost impossible to lose.
If you consider selecting your games a herculean task, feel free to come in here every day and we would have three free odds ready for you. Our 10 Odds daily comes at a price.

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