Is Juju Real?


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Is Juju or Voodoo Real?

This stuff making the rounds about voodoo or juju being an illusion or a trick is both right and wrong. I see many so-called “woke minds” try to downplay the effects of these things to claim it is all tricks and that the white man already explained or exhibited it in the form of psychics and magicians.
Well, juju, voodoo, ritual, magic, or any fancy word you choose to utilize, all fall under one umbrella no matter what concept or medium it is being actualized with. The undeniable fact remains, it is beyond natural and it kills when applied wrongly. So, is it real?
Juju fact in the African scene: There is a popular story that occurred far back in 1953 of a popular lawyer in Nigeria Mr. Bode Thoma who was known to be very arrogant due to his high intellect and educational background.
He was made chairman of the Oyo divisional council and On Bode Thomas’ first appearance in council after being appointed chairman, all council members stood up for him in deference, to welcome him, except Oba Adeyemi, who, for cultural reasons, should not show deference to anyone in public, not even his mother. Bode rudely demanded that the king stand up. Putting aside cultural demands, the king at the time was older than Bode, almost twice his age.
Anyhoo, the Allafin felt very insulted and asked if he was the one Bode was barking at? Bode will not retrieve from his insulting aggressions and then the king asked him to keep barking. The confrontation happened on November 22, 1953. Bode Thomas got home and started barking like a dog. he barked all night and died in the early morning of November 23, 1953. I don’t see anything natural about someone barking to death.
Across the world in history, there have been popular stories of escapades involving voodoo or dark magic leading to the death of victims or even the ones directly in control of the scheme or whatever it is.

So, Is Juju Real?

If we want to say there are no dark powers in Africa just to play woke, that is anyone’s business but as long as we can see the outcome in recent happenings and in history, whether we want to give the glory to the white man’s magic, their ability for crowd illusions or tricks, I think we have wealth of information to prove that the supernatural is a thing. Maybe we should just agree on a name for it.
Juju, voodoo, magic, trick. You choose. But it kills.

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I do not doubt the existence of God., I doubt His responsibility towards the invention of the human diverse ways of worshiping. I.e Religion. But I am good though. Love to meet you too.

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