Nigeria's DJ Cuppy Tapped As Host of Apple Music's African Now Radio Show -  Essence

Leaked! Real Reason Why Zlatan Blocked Dj Cuppy on Whatsapp


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Nigeria's DJ Cuppy Tapped As Host of Apple Music's African Now Radio Show -  Essence

The hullaballoo making rounds on social media at the moment about Dj Cuppy and Zlatan is beginning to come to light. You recall Dj Cuppy took to social media to complain about Zlatan blocking her on whatsapp and also not picking up her call. Both parties had refused to open up publicly as to why there has been bad-blood amidst both celebrities. Over the times, they have left Nigerians to plunder in a desert of mystery as to what might be behind the whole saga.

Recently Zlatan granted an interview on a TV show where he was¬† asked about the situation and instead of answering the question, he made a mockery of Dj Cuppy by asking “who is that? is that an artiste?”. The behavior by Zlatan caused social media uproar as some Cuppy fans blasted him for being childish and immature while on the other hand some others are taking his side saying Cuppy must have really done something bad to push Zlatan into behaving that rude to an Otedola daughter at that.

We have been on the low researching and scrambling for expose and evidence leading to what must have resulted in the latest beef spewing up in the Nigerian music industry. We bumbed in to a live video chat between Zlatan and Davido on a night which is supposed to be a Fund Raiser by Dj Cuppy. According to Zlatan in that video call, he claimed they were in Hilton Hotel in Abuja where the event is going on and he can hear rich politicians in attendance already making big donations and there is just a lot of money going around or safe to say, a lot of money being made by Dj Cuppy. So how does this help get to the root of the matter.

Apparently, the popular track Gilado by Dj Cuppy which features Zlatan, according to him was done for free. According to a status uploaded by a member of the DMW “Isreal”, Zlatan is yet to receive any money for the track and secondly, Zlatan was invited to the fund raiser with his crew, there were no provisions made for him and his crew concerning feeding and lodging, Zlatan had to take care of those from his pocket. Even though Zlatan is yet to come out by himself to say what the actual problem is, this is already bad enough. But is this deserving of the treatment Dj Cuppy is getting from the rapper?

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