Lucid Trends With Tatashe Despite Bella Shmurda Album Release



Lucid Trends With Tatashe Despite Bella Shmurda Album Release.

Lucid Trends With Tatashe

The industry might be a hostile place for up-and-coming acts in Nigeria. Still, when a few of these artists try to find the limelight, we assume they are already in suitable spaces with the right people and platforms who would help them to actualize their full potential. In this case, it is a clear case of pure, undiluted talent and hard work. Because, considering the rise to the current stage of his career, a lot has been done by the young actor. To project his creativity and convince everybody that he is one of the few that has been called to do this music thing.

Tatashe being released might coincide with the release of Bella Shmurda‘s new album. Still, one would think it is a bold move for a new artiste to release a song that will represent his debut on a broader spectrum to coincide with an album release by a big industry name.

The question remains, was the release of Tatashe by Lucid and his team coinciding with the release of Bella Shmurda‘s album a planned one? That would have been a dumb move if you asked me, and I will tell you why.

Here Are My Reasons

First, we cannot honestly conclude that it was all planned; it would ultimately result in a bad idea.
People usually take a minimum of one month to plan a release. This explanation means, in most cases, the artiste only reveals release dates after they have confirmed from the distributor. They seldom inform the public only after they get confirmation from the distribution company.

Secondly, most A-list artists do not announce their album releases in time, hence not giving competitors a perfect time frame or any idea of time at all to plan perfectly. It would’ve been unwise if perchance Bella Shmurda had announced the release of his album two months prior. And then Lucid and his team saw this and, in a twisted scope, decided to follow the trail and release a song during the same period.

If Bella Shmurda is a very influential artiste in the country (which we would want to believe that he is), then people or most who love afrobeat will undoubtedly be concentrated on Bella Shmurda and his new project. Interest for Lucid’s project might be lost.

So, What Was Lucid’s Plan? And Why Bella Shmurda?

Bella Shmurda
Bella Shmurda

Yes, why did he go ahead to release Tatashe this season? A season or period where a senior colleague in the game needs all the attention he can get. If Bella Shmurda had his way, he would not appreciate anyone paying attention to any other project besides his own. I have not met with Lucid for an exclusive interview; I would have an answer to that. I would judge from a reasonable point of view, I would say Lucid and his team were oblivious to the fact that a significant artist would be releasing a song on the same day.

Still, sure there is a concept behind this release. Everything might have been behind closed doors, but from a calculative mind, you can investigate and reach the genius behind every backdoor move.

The Release Plan

The release plan is a very tactical one. When you realize you have a perfect song, you will almost not have a single doubt about going all out despite who is firing hot at the moment. The previous sentence might not be the case, but this team looks ready. They have ensured the song is available on every platform, even on the first day of release. The team had made the song available for pre-save on Spotify and any other digital distribution platform offering that option. They also made sure there was a viral video to set the mood. The viral video, as they said, was just a teaser; the clip is crispier than most official videos. All these are prerequisites for a grand release.

As we can see, from the day of release, Bella Shmurda fortunately or unfurtunately released his most anticipated album the same day Tatatshe was released to the public.
The hashtag #Lucidtatashe was trending at the same time Bella Shmurda’s album was. Lucid still basked in the euphoria of victory in his own way.

Lucid, The Brand

The first thing I noticed was that Lucid’s sound was good. Secondly, his melody is soothing, and as you can tell, it picked my interest so much that it prompted me to write this article. Because first, I wondered, who is this person who dared drop a song at the same time as a household name? And then I tried to find out more about him, I found a little article here and there, but nothing gave me an indebt view of the artiste. I knew he was new and had a long way to go. Nevertheless, he has proven to be ready.

Although I saw a biography blog, I finally understood a couple of things. If you also feel like finding out more about this new artiste who is capable of really taking the Nigerian industry by storm, check out this Lucid Biography.

Overall, what they have done with the brand “Lucid” clearly indicates that excellent planning for your brand is very crucial. The team has done a really good job. I found out that Lucid is working with a very smart company called O-Records. O-Records is formerly Oladips Records. If you recall, they are the same team who signed Airboy a while back. They did a pretty good job with that too. Airboy got his recognition, at least.

So, What Was At Play Here?

As I have explained earlier, teamwork and understanding are required to survive in the current state of the Nigerian music industry. One might want to ask, what do I require? A perfect song produced by an equally professional producer. Sure, I reviewed a couple of things about the song.

I tried to get a little information, as I said. I also had to find out who the producer of this particular song was, and it was no other than Phantom On The Beat. And Co-Produced by Remedy MRL. Phantom on The Beat is a household name; he has registered his name on a lot of popular songs in Nigeria and also on the international scene.

In Conclusion.

I must admit that this song is very impressive. Yes, my hands are always itching to write. When I write, it must be on valid issues and something of general concern. For some reason, I believe in this artiste called Lucid. I fell in love with his sound at first sight. Everything about him was catchy. I am very confident he will win over a lot of fans if he can sway me this way easily.

This article will contain details that might be insightful to you in getting to know this artiste the more below this article. Hopefully, I have convinced you enough to see that you need to give this new guy a chance.

It is excellent that we have a new influx of great talents with spectacular skills. People are ready to give the existing but lazy ones a run for their money, something to look back on and realize they need to sit up because the competition is getting by the day. It is such an extraordinary period to be alive. I am very excited to have bumped into this artiste, and I look forward to seeing him at the top.

References: How I Got Signed To O-Records – Lucid


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