[Lyrics] Gzone ft Charm and Jaypachino – Trust Nobody



Trust Nobody

(Chorus) Jaypachino
I done seen friends turn foe over little bit of dough
(I dont trust nobody)
The devil was an angel before he turned his back on God
(I dont trust nobody)
Jealousy made cain kill his bro so you already know
(I don’t trust nobody, I don’t trust nobody, I don’t trust nobody)

(Verse 1) Charm
Here’s an altruistic hemistich from an optimistic pessimist
Graduated from “feelings”, “iron hearted” for the chemistry
I give succor to pain, I’m the “killer of the penicillin”
Appointment with my therapist, I can’t even wait to hear me speak
Life done dealt me deeds, Even Zone got to hear the gist
Built my world around her didn’t care she’d ever get to leave
Had to “hold my tree down” that meant that there’d be no “cheer for me”
So when they talk of true love I keep wondering who’s the next to weep
That stuff be like TVC news cos it never gets to me
I’m Killing all my biases so that I could stay next to real
But people don’t “come straight” with me that is why they “get to drift”.
So I get over them in real-time like a traffic free pedestrian bridge
Lady whom I saved at work still went behind to stab me knife
Got more black males than those Allen hookers from my daddy’s wife
I trusted my cousin and she broke it ‘fore I counted 5
Aunt thinks I’m an outlaw even though I live a candid life
You gave me your words and guaranteed me you would never bleep
Yet she played that game that’s left me debts that I’ve never seen
Dude who stole my CV thought himself to be a clever being
Even CEX left me stranded in a mind state that I’ve never been
I prolly wont know who values me until I’m past this life
I should get a dog whose loyalty would keep me standing right
Cos I’ve got a “big heart” but these “jokers’ spades” wont have me smile
That’s why my trust is preserved in some museum like an artefact.

(Chorus) Jaypachino

(Verse 2) Gzone
Na The people wey my papa trust make am enter grave
And My mama too dey pray to God and yet she enter grave
Who I fit trust now., God or humans?
This life go push you till u no fit trust God of humans
But this song right here no be about Gods
No hate speech and yet no be about love
Them say the key to making it no be about luck
Papa want make I shine in d day., no be about ‘sun’
Many years watching father drown in his agony
Cuz he knew he couldn’t reach his mark .. Anthony
My ex no happy say I’m past her., macaroni .,
People wey go look down on me go dey their balcony
Building catch fire only lil brother die
Couldn’t imagine the fear wey for dey lil brother eye
Cuz mama ain’t alive to safe lil brother life
The aunt Wey he trust leave lil brother fly
Rich folks yet I no get degree
My life crash ? Nah, I no get debris
Got a high class chic I don get pikin
I lung for this U know the old men will breath …
Life, you can’t really trust no one
Person wey go ride for me., I know no one
Cept shit is beneficial or official
Na why I dey struggle to remain very essential

(Chorus) Jaypachino

(Outro) Gzone
U can take my story make am into a movie
Nothing wey my frenemies go do wey go move me
All the heart aches I endure, Wetin wan wound me
If u no like my tune baba go watch loony
But no cry for me even tho my life spooky
I dey hide my self now catch me in a hoodie
Na why e hard before I make songs wey dey groovy
Na if u love me I’ll love back for truly



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I do not doubt the existence of God., I doubt His responsibility towards the invention of the human diverse ways of worshiping. I.e Religion. Love to meet you too.

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