[Lyrics] Gzone ft YungLordKSBN – Lamentations


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Verse 1) Gzone
Was only 12 when pops got eternal calling
2 years later I’m staring at my mama coffin
How do I explain my lil bro’ disappearance
In my life, money made the least appearance
Safe to say it’s plain the street raised me
Plagued with pain – we stayed in sick places
Faced the days – we faked the sweet faces
But the pain’s in vain if we fail to reach places
This race is stained in deep crazy
Born in the slumps deprived of big wages
Why can’t I dream of height and big stages
I know my level na my work is still blaizing
God dey with u boy., you’ll be amazing
Mama still watching from high., heavenly haven
She say my son I like say u dey safe
Just Keep your head up like man wey dey shave
Memories dey finish a man now
Silent smoking dey finish a man loud
Shots every where., another man down
One man village., another man town
I miss mum and brothers
Dad too somehow …
Between fame and seeing em again I prolly chose em
And I’m hoping they come back again in form of my children …
Nightmares hunt me I wake up and cry tears
In the dark most times I stay up and fight fears
Them say we go meet soon but the wait na light years
I need to record all my stress but Nepa no dey give light here
My men say make i dey spend my time with fine girls

(Chorus) YunglordKsbn
Ibi t’aba buyo si, Ibe loye ko somi si
Ti igi ba da ni’gbo, agba lomo bi toma wosi
Ti ogun bade, malo shafara we
Ti ogun bade, malo shafara we
Ojo aboki ti kpe legun,
awa la’gba fun wo teyteytey
Ojo aboki ti kpe legun,
awa la’gba fun wo teyteytey

(Verse 2) Gzone
This na my 06 lament
Sew seed, harvest
But my enemies soaked corn no gree farment
Village na a place wey I no go ever go
I go replace my presence with cash and several goats
Y2k6 na one year wey I suffer die
Almost lost hope in God when prayer no safe my mother life
I enter street, mix up, poverty starve me
Joe dey supply gun … baba been wan staff me
I decline the offer I no wan dey too deep
Cuz as one dude stab me, him for done dey too deep
Under the ground cuz I dont feel pain
My life dry but sometimes I done see rain
Mama born 4 after her death na two remain
Humans ., out of 100 na 2 be saint
Might be tough today but I’ve seen Harder days
All I wanna do is survive and safe my fathers name
Or my name … any how e go be
Person open eye for your matter., any how he go blink



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