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Well, I have observed the situation for a while now., the whole propaganda and build up to the arrest of this young and not so talented Nigerian artiste. Sentiments aside, I think we can all agree that he had this coming. Considering living in a state like Nigeria where eye service is held higher than even being patriotic at the least.

We have been fighting against SARS hiding under the pretext that they have actually been attacking innocent young Nigerians accused of being Yahoo Boys (Internet Fraudsters) which obviously is not a hundred percent truth. What can be said to be a hundred percent truth is the fact that sometimes these so called SARS operatives pick up every youth simply because they have successfully stereo typed the internet fraud to be a young guy who is looking good and has dressed fashionably well, oh and ofcus, anyone carrying an iphone.

The problem here is the fact that we must acknowledge first the fact that internet fraud is illegal in this country and it is our duty to obey the laws of the land. Naira Marley made Nigeria look like a lawless land where the laws can be taken for granted and nothing would be done about it and that…THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I SEE HIM BEING DRAGGED TILL HE HAS REGRETTED EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED LEADING TO UP TO THIS MOMENT.

Even though most of us would try to bring up the fact that Naira was making a point with the live video he put up not long but we cannot sweep aside that fact that, what ever his points were, he was very poor at publishing them. Breaking so many laws in the process, the man would need a very good lawyer if the case is finally going to court as EFCC is already pushing for.

Now, this article is supposed to show you reasons why Naira would be held to the fullest, well here are some reasons.

  1. To prove that Nigerian law still has it effects and there are still people who will not stand by and watch some uneducated morons who do not know how to technically pass across an impolite message in a polite manner.
  2. To show that people still have got their pride and ego to protect in this country even though they might not come forward to attack you personally for your stupidity.
  3. Social media is not a place to rant against people in power.

This man Naira had successfully broken all the rules, offended all the wrong people and totally forgot in the process that this is Nigeria. Even a man without power one way or the other will try to exhibit some powers (if possibly, buy it with their life savings) whenever you step on them.

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