Netizens knock Yul Edochie for preaching about love



Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has once again fallen on the wrong side of Netizens after he shared a motivational quote about love.

The father of five took to his Instagram to motivate his fans and followers about the need to Love. He noted that everyone should have it at the back of their minds that they won’t be on earth forever, hence, there is a need to love their creator and neighbours.

Yul further noted that there is a need to show love and kindness because the world is filled with too much hate; however, it can be eradicated with love.

He wrote: “Always remember, none of us will be here forever. All the material things, the fame, the hustle, the enjoyment, we will leave all behind and pass on. Love God and love your neighbour the way you love yourself. Lend a helping hand to someone out there whenever you can. (Whether you post it or not doesn’t matter). There’s too much hate and envy in the world. Let’s kill it with love.
In our own little way let us make the world a better place.”

Netizens Knock Yul Edochi over his motivational quote

It has become an obvious fact that Yul Edochewill continue to be trolled for tying the knot and having a child with his colleague, Judy Austin.

Yul tied the knot with Judy Austin in April 2022, making her his second wife. He was married to his high school sweetheart, May and have four children before becoming the superstar who met Judy. His acting however has constantly been robbed on his face as the association of online in-laws reminds him daily that he made the costly mistake of destroying his beautiful family with May.

Knocking him for sharing a quote about motivation, Netizens advised him to practice what he preach.

One Joseph Ememe wrote: “Let me tell you Mr Yul-Edochie. No one hates you. at least I don’t. I have been selling your movies for years and you’re one of my favorite Actor. I admire you alot from the beginning and I wished every young men would emulate you. Especially being a son to Pete whom I started watching as a child. But finding out that you Hurt your wife for someone younger than her after 4 children and all the sacrifices she made by your side for all those years. Without remorse and with such disrespect just to please another whom you have only one child with is a shame..What if it was may who did that to you? And the fact that you don’t even think about your children. Wow. I don’t hate you oh. I still love you as a human regardless. I just pray that you love yourself enough to give LOVE. Because you can’t give what you don’t have. May God have mercy”.

Ifeoma Ndukuba wrote: “My brother forget this motivational quotes n do the right thing….. JudyAustin is so desperately a Desperado…. She included you n your Dad in a Movie role as what nah? Haba the living Legend has pass that level n class abeg… She is brewing a lot of enemity between ur kids n their grand parents. If I were the living Legend I will never partake in such a cheap role. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! Forget all this things a time will come when u will look back n regret all this actions… It’s not worth it. The living Legend is a role model to the youths, to the Catholic Church n to the world.. You are doing more harm than good to ur kids…. I don’t live in ur house but I tell you I Know how children reacts. Please sir Yul can u answer me with sincerity would have been happy if the living Legend involved in Polygamy for whatever reason? Enjoy while it lasted. Thanks.”

Loyceana wrote: “I wish you could have been in your Wife May shoes just for few seconds, betrayal hurts. May the Lord open your eyes one day for you to understand”

Genny Luv wrote: “Practice what you preach. You don’t hurt the people you claim to love”.

Chizzy wrote: “See who is talking about Love God. You loved God then you went and involved yourself in infidelity? You loved God then you went to commit adultery and removed another man’s wife from her husband’s house?You loved God then you say you are a polygamist? You are simply a confusionist. Retrace your steps before it’s too late”.

Cindy wrote: “You and mrs obasi always preaching love yet you can’t practice it around.. the same way you hurt people around you it’s the same way you will get hurt ..carry on with your mrs obasi since you found love and leave queen May and her kids out of your pathetic polygamy there are many women who can help you do polygamy alongside mrs obasi”

Arinze Chiki wrote: “Practice what you preach”

Eze wrote: “This the main reason u should Doo ur mistake and rebuild ur home so u maintain peace with God. Whatever that is banned on Earth is banned in heaven. Make ur home the best place to stay. U are restless if u will tell ur self the truth u r restless. Go home. U have lost a lot as a well respected man before. The life is short correct ur mistake. U self can’t comfortably be seen with Judy Austin she is ur mess clean her in ur life n have peace.”

Michy Daniels wrote: @yuledochie You are quick to give advice. Be an example of your advice. LIVE RIGHT FIRST. Good you know none of us we live here forever”.

Sizar litany wrote: “Oga rest in Jesus name with ur head like aso rock, practice what you preach oga Solomon. If you really love ur wife u wouldn’t share ur preek in location wid some bag of cement”.

Duru wrote: “That is how you are lending a helping hand to Judy Austin by marrying her. Metcheewwww! Oga, i don’t watch your movies anymore. You actually lost a fan. Am here to read news, to know when you’re done with Juju Austin. You’re not fair at all to your dear wife Queen May”

Online Judges blog wrote: “You can give what you don’t have, Yul Edochie first make Queen May happy before you advise us?”

Loddy wrote: “ou are here preaching your useless luv but hurting May your wife deeply. Repent, give your life to Christ and do away with Judith so that you will have peace”

Pretty Chick wrote: “Were you thinking about this when you betrayed you wife. hmmmm”

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