Nigerians React As Desmond Elliot Calls For Ban Of Foreign Movies


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Lagos lawmaker and Nollywood icon, Desmond Elliot has come under heavy attack from Nigerians on Twitter over his statement on how the government can grow Nigeria’s Nollywood.

Naija News understands Elliot submitted that Government has to ban the importation of foreign movies so that Nollywood can grow as well as make it difficult for foreign content to come in, so local content can grow.

This he said in a recent interview where he said the government should ban foreign movies just as it banned rice importation.

However, his submission has not gone down well with Nigerians who disagreed with the lawmaker and took to Twitter to air their views.

Gbemi Dennis™@GbemiDennis

Hon Desmond Elliot would have made more sense advocating for strengthening copyright laws rather than proposing a ban on foreign movies.

But what do I know when I no be Nigerian ‘honourable’.

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What I saw when I heard Desmond Elliot talking about banning foreign movies

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This should not be Coming from Desmond Elliot really.
You can not Produce Thrash in your So called Nollywood and Expect people to Forcefully Support or grow your Mediocrity.

I don’t rate Nollywood at all!

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Desmond Elliot, nollywood problem is not foreign movies.
Nollywood problem is:

Predictable storyline
Poor directing
Poor funding of movies

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Buzi Brown@buzibrownie

This is the Desmond Elliot we thought we will get vs the Desmond Elliot we got #DesmondElliot #BBNaijaEviction

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Viral Trendz@TheViralTrendz

TRENDING VIDEO: “Government has to ban the importation of foreign movies so that Nollywood can grow. Make it difficult for foreign content to come in, so your local content can grow” – Actor and Lagos Lawmaker, Desmond Elliot says

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Me to Desmond Elliot, bro, @deselliot I think govt should ban your kind of accent so that the country’s accents’ can grow. We should try to domestic global knowledge and also try to globalize domestic knowledge- Claude Ake

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World Publicist@IsimaOdeh

Desmond Elliot says foreign films need to be banned in Nigeria to help Nollywood grow.

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Toochi Arsenal@Toochi_Arsenal

Yes. FG should ban internet too so we can no longer download movies/series. Bia Desmond Elliot be careful.

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A Pimp Named Slickback ?@Dedioses_

I used to respect Desmond Elliot so much, now the guy just dey mumu anyhow, From commissioning toilets to banning foreign movies, I should quote this guy slap

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