[Review] Bet9ja vs Sportybet; Options, Bonuses, Cashout, Payout.



Bet9ja vs Sportybet; Options, Bonuses, Cashout, Payout.

It is no gainsaying that both these companies are playing at the top of sports betting in Nigeria and some other African countries. Bet9ja claims to be the number 1 with a user-friendly interface, constant bonuses, and more options on each game while Sportybet boasts of fast payout, good cashout option, and so on.

Who is truly the best amongst these two; we will be considering a lot of factors from pay-out, interface to cash out.


Bet9ja User-Interface

If there is one thing Bet9ja takes very seriously, it is the user-friendliness of their website. In the space of four years, bet9ja have upgraded their interface three times and it keeps getting better. The mobile version is mostly slightly different from the desktop version which proves the optimization for phone screens was a top priority for the tech team of the company. They also have a shop version for desktop users which makes it even easier for their users.

Bet9ja Odds

Bet9ja has one of the most competitive odds markets in the game and will be the first to introduce the cut-one option in Nigeria. The accumulator multiplies your odds with over 100 percent with less than 10 selections in some cases.

Bet9ja Payment

This might be the only aspect where bet9ja is caught lacking. It was recently improved but before now, bet9ja payout has been the most delayed with payout costing over 24hours in some cases. In recent times, money paid out can be received within 3hours depending on how large the money is.

Bet9ja Bonuses

Bet9ja might as well be the most generous bet company when it comes to handing out cash bonuses. Most bet companies give these bonuses at the initial deposits, unlike bet9ja who seldom surprises their customers with cash bonuses which can be used to stake on real games and win real money depending on the terms of the bonus.


SportyBet User-Interface

SportyBet’s interface might not appear too friendly at first, it will take a little time to get you accustomed to the whole design but after that, you might consider it to be cool. The site is fully optimized for mobile, this means you might find it easy to browse their platform on your mobile devices.

SportyBet Odds

I will not say they have the best odds but compared to Bet9ja, the difference is not so disheartening. In some cases, they might have clashes whereby they give better odds than their counterpart and vice versa but that happens only rarely.

SportyBet Payment

SportyBet might just have one of the fastest payments out there with their payment taking less than one hour to reflect and in some cases way lesser than that. I will commend them for that effort and it is undeniably one of the greatest qualities of a sports bet company.

Sportsbet Bonus

Sportsbet only gives bonuses to new subscribers to their platform. Unlike bet9ja, this is a one-time thing. There has been a misconception about Sportsbet giving N30,000 to every user on the first deposit. This is not a lie, rather there are terms and conditions to warrant such a bonus. You must have deposited a certain amount of money and then you earn 150% refunds and this refund cannot exceed the value of N30,000.

With all these said; see our verdict;

Bet9ja: 75/100

Sportybet: 70/100



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