Skiibii reacts to Dorcas Fapson stealing accusations

Skiibii seeks redress over defamatory statement made by Dorcas Fapson, tells his side of the story


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Singer, Skiibii has finally reacted to his ex-girlfriend, Dorcas Fapson accusations against him.

The singer is set to seek redress in court for her defamatory statement.

Kemi Filani reported on Sunday that Dorcas Fapson had accused her ex-boyfriend, Skiibii of stealing from her.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, Dorcas revealed that she had gone on vacation to Zanzibar with Skiibii and his manager, where she lost her valuables.

According to her, her phone, laptop, Rolex watch, cards, cash and more were stolen from her. She disclosed that she suspected it was the singer when he wore the watch, he claimed was also stolen while they were on their trip.

Dorcas also suspected he was the one when all the photos and videos she took of them on her Snapchat was deleted since he had her password.

Skiibii’s Press release

Reacting to her revelation, Skiibii’s management issued out a press release where they refuted the claims of him stealing from her.

Skiibii claimed that the trip was paid for by Dorcas Fapson as a birthday gift, as she stated that she wouldn’t be around for his birthday. The singer had booked another villa for them to stay in, which he payed all the expenses.

Skiibii also revealed that he had replaced Dorcas Fapson’s Iphone with a new one and had earlier bought her a MacBook pro laptop which she didn’t take to the trip. He added that the watch Dorcas Fapson saw on him, was a new watch he ordered through Larry Gaga.

Read the statement below,

Skiibii reacts to Dorcas Fapson stealing accusationsDorcas Fapson addresses backlash

Kemi Filani reported that Dorcas Fapson had reacted to the criticisms on her Snapchat page, Dorcas claimed that if she spills all the teas on their relationship, Skiibii would commit suic!de.

She told the critics to thank her rather than drag her. Daring Skiibii, she urged him to deny their accusation.

“A lot of you won’t rest if someone even stole 10k naira from you. Takless of $10k cash, a Rolex, vanclef, phone, laptop etc after flying their broke ass out. So pleaseeeeeee

& It’s just funny cause if I really decided to talk that boy will commit suic!d. So thank me dwarf.

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