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Episode 4 the unexpected expose




Awww Fodeke you are now looking Plum and sweet uhm sweet 16,, aww you are not looking bad either Breda..(the exchange teasing greetings) So who are you with today? She asked. Uhm this is Wale I think I told you I will be bringing someone from the village last time we talk right?. Yes you did oh oh so this is him? Hello Mr Wale hope you are enjoying Lagos? I hope she’s taking Good care of you? Yes Ma thank you Ma i respond although am a little bit weak but I try to hide my Pain and brim with a very nice smile infact I could sense Mrs Fodeke was so satisfy with my reply they went on to talk discreetly for some minute while I just hang around to enjoy the serene atmosphere when suddenly something caught my eye and I nearly bleed it was the beauty of this young woman that nearly render my eyes useless she was so beautiful I think she’s from the Hollywood I’ve never seen a beautiful girl like that in my life she has an athletic toned body and a very lovely little Bum! I never believe love at first sight I swear am in love I started imagining things again! she was coming towards me! my heart jump twice and it pop out I hold my chest and promise to stand my ground, she walked passed me and towards Mrs Fodeke direction.. Aww Good afternoon Alexia been long I heard from you since your mother decided not to visit us you also decid… Mrs Breda cuts in No it was You that stop visiting us!! (Oh so she was Mrs breda daughter? Wow she is such a beauty…) Okay don’t worry I promise we will visit you this saturday Mrs Breda said. And bye Wale see you soon she said with a teasing smile.. Bye bye Ma I said. trying so hard for the little beauty to notice my Bye BYE I tried sounding different but all to Zero avail I couldn’t wait for Saturday. We went inside the Mall to get my learning apparatus when I notice Fola and a woman am very sure she must be his girlfriend because time without number while washing his car I saw this same girl pictures in his Car I think this is payback time I must tell mummy and End his visitation (or perhaps check in), once and for all. I don’t know what came over maybe because am feeling overzealous to expose a culprit I held Mrs fodeke right hand so tight and put my index finger to my mouth trying to demonstrate silence!! She was about to scream on me again when I pointed to Fola direction.. At first she couldn’t see what I was trying to show her but after taking another keen Look she could see them by now they were holding hands, Fola was placing his arms around her Shoulders and looking for what to buy. (Mrs Fodeke is on fire, should I dial 911 ) she quickly pick her phone and dial his number and put it on speaker


Hello Fola where are you I need you right now am missing you baby?…….


Fola:- Am at the office right now I will check on you after work baby argh!! not again. He exclaim!


What happen madam replied….


Fola:-The director just brought another file for auditing oh baby I will call you back (and peem peem he hanged up)………………….

with disappointment and rage she went back into her car… I feel sorry for her although but what can I do? My only chance to get the man that change my Fate I can’t let it slip away easily!.. I follow her and I was about to ask if we are not buying anything when she gave me her mobile.. Wale go and buy whatever you need and Pay through my mobile! You know how to use it right? My password is 6?6?.. I know she was disorganised I know her mood is off and am happy for that I killed two bird with a single stone (kiikikikikikikikiki).. I went straight to the Mall and headed towards fola put Mrs fodeke phone on record.. Hi Good afternoon sir? I said.. how are you Wale he was so shocked! He look around to be sure if I was alone or with someone by the way what are you doing here ? Who are you with? Come make I yarn you something self? He stylishly walk me away from his girlfriend! How e dey be na wale wey your mummy na? She dey house sir? Wale you know one thing manage this 10k but no tell am sey you see me oo! O ti ye na! If you do that I will help you talk to her she go change to you!! Really? Thanks na your girl be that abi? Bro she dey there oo! He laugh and gave me a smack! Okay sir let me be going am here to buy my reading materials and please don’t tell mummy you gave me money oo! Oh you don start your tutorial abi? I will be there by weekend and get you somethings..i know purely that there will be No weekend for him in our house again. I get all my needed apparatus and went straight to Madam who was now growing impatiently waiting for me inside the car. As soon as i enter she Zoomed off….

Did I do anything wrong peeps?

Or I should have been quiet?

I hope it won’t backfire on me!!



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