3 Effective Ways To Get Youtube Subscribers

3 Effective Ways To Get Youtube Subscribers


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Getting youtube subscribers can be one of the hardest tasks on the social media front. This is so because of the high competition on the social network with so many YouTubers or channel owners involved in similar niches amidst various dedicated users.

Getting Youtube subscribers is one thing, how to keep them is another, so your channel should be first and foremost an interesting place to spend precious time. Are you convinced that the contents you post are worth people’s time or what you would stay back to watch if you were visiting your channel? By the time you are confidently able to give a bold yes to the above question then you can use these options below to maximize your channel’s visibility and subscriber count.

1. Social Media Sharing

This is one effective way to maximize your channel’s visibility since it filters down people’s movability directly to your channel from anywhere on social media they might be coming from. Social media sharing is not necessarily limited to you alone sharing to your social platforms, you can also involve the help of influencers or social media groups, this way you can channel people and fans from these platforms to youtube.

Why You Are Getting More Engagements on Other Platforms Than Youtube?

If you are a content creator on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram and have been wondering why your youtube page is not receiving as much attention as your Instagram and Tiktok pages, the reason is simple; you have been treating your Youtube page independently from your other social platforms. You need to understand that different persons has their favorite social media platforms and for some people, it isn’t Youtube. So what you need to do is force those people to come onboard since your content is very appealing to them, they would have no choice.

3 Effective Ways To Get Youtube Subscribers

DO NOT POST FULL VIDEOS to your other social media platforms, Youtube is the best platform to upload your videos and also monetize them, and if you only make videos shorter than one minute for Instagram and ticktock, then you need to make your videos longer. Post a minute of your videos to other social media platforms and then direct people to Youtube to watch the full videos.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Another way to increase your Youtube Channel’s visibility is by affiliate marketing. “Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.” What this means is that you would have to network with third parties or poeple with a wider audience to shout you out or talk about you on their platforms. Remember, all these are essential only when you are certified to post valuable contents, if not it would lead to a waste of money, time and efforts.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing popularly known as SMM is arguably the fastest way to grow your Youtube Subscribers, why this is not so recommended is that in most cases, subscribers are automated and might cause you having issues with youtube especially when you are trying to monetize or already monetized. Subscribers generated by automatted servers are prone to dissapear in due time unless they’re organic. SMM panels offer organic subscribers too, you just have to make you that is what you are paying for. If you can afford this, it doesnt require much stress on your part, just pay and get your service done. This is also the fastest route for those trying to monetize their channels.




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