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All We Know About Labour Party’s Mrs. Oluchi Operah


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All We Know About Labour Party’s Mrs. Oluchi Operah

Labour Party's Mrs. Oluchi Operah

Oluchi Operah Biography

Mrs. Oluchi Operah is a Nigerian politician and businesswoman from Neni, Anambra, Nigeria. She is the national treasurer of the Labour Party.

Where is Oluchi Operah From

Neni, Anambra, Nigeria

How Old is Oluchi Operah

She is in her early 40s


Is Mrs. Oluchi Operah Married?

She is married

Oluchi Operah Networth

Her net worth is not estimated at the moment.

Oluchi Operah Article on the Vanguard

National Treasurer of the Labour Party (LP), Mrs. Oluchi Oparah, has called on the electorate in search of a better and greater Nigeria to vote for the presidential candidate of the party, Mr. Peter Obi, on Saturday, describing the LP standard bearer as the right candidate with positive antecedents, who is qualified to be the country’s next president.

Ophara, who spoke in an interview with The Guardian, noted that Obi has a history of good governance, without any dent and hence should be voted for.

The party chief assured Nigerians that the party was prepared for elections and that victory was sure based on overwhelming support the party received from Nigerians.

Ophara said LP and its candidate, Obi, and his running mate, Senator Ahmed Baba Datti, campaigned in 36 states and Federal Capital Territory  (FCT), and appealed urged the electorate to vote him into power.

She said: “Let us all vote for personalities with antecedents and interest of Nigerians at heart. Good people that will make us a giant of Africa once again, people that can stand out with clean records anywhere in the world. Let us vote for people that can take Nigeria from a failing nation. Let us consider the antecedents of each candidate before voting for them.

“Anyone, who thinks otherwise, may be having an ulterior motive. APC-led government has brought nothing but untold hardship to the citizens. How can an oil-producing county, a supposed giant of Africa be paying for fuel through their noses and the government of the day is not doing anything?

“With or without the general election, the hike in the pump price of fuel is absurd and shouldn’t be. Before now, people have played politics of pay-as-you-go but not any longer. The masses, the youths are awake! The general frustration being experienced in Nigeria will only send the electorate to cast their votes and defend them.”

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