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BUILD UP TO MY BOOK – The Men Who Created God



BUILD UP TO MY BOOK – The Men Who Created God

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Unlike what the title might imply; Fear not for it just might not be as controversial as it appears. I know most of us religious folks grew to hate the term “Logic”. And this is starting to put them in a very weird corner. We are starting to get to a point where the new generation wants to really understand his or her immediate vicinity and of a fact with the implementation of logic. We can only fight it for so long but not forever. They will evolve because it is the rule of life., they will grow, and they will become extra curious. And then the tool of faith instead of logic will slowly become incapable of holding down a really curious young mind.

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With this., they will start to trace back their own origin. The linage of the concept of God. They will start to dig deep into what really happened to the real man whose story was later converted into that of the Christian Jesus. They will start to understand why religion had so huge an effect on Africans., why the different Holy books have to contradict narration of the creation and yet claim to all react to one creator. And when this time comes, even I wonder what becomes of mankind. Because put aside the downside of religion. It has with no gainsaying helped in shaping humanity with orderliness, fear of the judgment day, and so on. Religion has made it so humanity could establish a big way between right and wrong. so that there is the concept of humanity as it is. Are we going to lose our minds when the facts are finally established? The people who have put their hopes in living forever in eternity? I doubt the effect be as massive as you imagined. But is a human not capable of differentiating between right and wrong without any form of guidance? Will a human not naturally know that it is bad to hurt a fellow human? The conscience? All these are inbuilt in us as humans but I guess religion was really needed at the beginning.

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THE MEN WHO CREATED GOD is a book I have been working on to analyze a lot of crazy things I must confess. Although I have gathered research works and ideologies from other great people who are and have been around., I must beg for permission to really include logic in my concept. You never can tell what a clear mind can concede. I will talk about my own concept of life which I call “The Circle Theory” which was meant to be a book on its own but later decided to incorporate into this to make it fully comprehensive. The theory of no beginning and end.

The book will be ready for sale in the year 2023.

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I do not doubt the existence of God., I doubt His responsibility towards the invention of the human diverse ways of worshiping. I.e Religion. Love to meet you too.

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