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I detest this woman. Chai.
But I detest coza more.
Come to think of it,busola dakolo wasn’t raped,following what she was saying. He pushed you to the chair and you watched him pull his belt,but while he was pulling you couldn’t tell him….”my elder sister is upstairs ” he will get scared and stop but No,you were so quiet. Shame on you woman. Why not tell us,his looks got you. Why not tell us you were a wayward 17year of girl. We know of 12,10,14 15year old girls who seduces their teachers,corpers,pastors, father’s friends,neighbours.
This is no RAPE….
You’re a bloody loose liar.
I detest rape with my last drop of blood but this one……. It’s a no rape something. It was too quiet. Haha.
The way she was talking during interview is so irritating.
He raped you, you got married,gave birth to your children and still kept it to yourself. Since you have decided to let go, why spill it out now.
What if he is now a changed man?
I feel there is more to this.
Pastor coza was so wrong to have sex with an underage girl. So wrong. I’m not gonna support a PEDOFILE for any reason.
But woman.
Shebi you forgave him before in the past but opened him to the world now,not because you’re a saint but probably because you need something from him and he turned you down . Remember God is never asleep. He is the best judge.

Ladies THAT are victims of rape, know rape is not silent. It’s never silent. You all know what you went through when you were at the point of been raped.

Busola dakolo,i feel you’re a bloody liar who took krest after the first sex,it was so sweet that the second had to happen. Even if you didn’t tell the world, you were so stupid not to have told your mum. Weren’t you scared of getting pregnant?
If I were to be your mother and you keep this kind of secret from me for so long but bring me to shock by saying this now,I will disown you.
There’s no time you can’t come out to say it. But 20years is to long a year. You probably got over it. So stop your useless acting.

Since he raped you twice,how are we sure you both haven’t been dating since then even before you met your husband and after. He was the man who deflowered YOU. So you will have special attachment with him.
I dont trust this girl…. you’re such a blatant liar.

I can’t imagine what state the man is going to be in,now.
I’m sure he wont be able to sleep or think straight.
I’m sure is wife is probably taking it out on him
Oh God
I’m sure he will feel like commiting suicide ( God forbid)
Will he be able to eat?
How will he dare climb the pulpit to preach?
How will he face his congregation ?
I hate putting people in a position where all they wish for is for death to come.

You didnt only destroy pastor Coza,you destroyed his congregation .

WICKEDNESS of the highest order.

To all you rapist, remember your downfall will be so seen and heard of,just the way the walls of jericho fell down flat. Also there are people like busola dakolo who will open your stupid act even after 50years. Stop raping innocent girls… go get yourself a prostitute

And for you all that will hate me after reading this post…. It’s your business, not mine.
You not paying ma bills and yiu not my family.So unfriend me after reading this and it pisses you off. It’s my opinion…not yours and i probably don’t know you and wouldn’t know you,so fuck yourself and delete.

HAPPY Sunday to you all.


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I do not doubt the existence of God., I doubt His responsibility towards the invention of the human diverse ways of worshiping. I.e Religion. Love to meet you too.

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