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It is dispeakable and disheartening that we are still at this level in Nigeria. A country where we still practice jungle justice and a couple of other unreasonable fashion and ways of settling disputes. I went on twitter and saw that there is heavy protest going at the COZA church urging the Pastor to step down. There’s not been a court case that’s proven him guilty, no one knows for sure if this incident actually happened., a couple of statements from the video in which the said event happened have been successfully labeled inaccurate as some of the narrated statements didn’t seem to correspond, e.g the mention of Krest drink.  The company of the said drink stopped the production a couple of years before the incident transpired. We will or might never know exactly if Busola’s story was real but it will be totally wrong to conclude on your truth only via hearsay because no one, absolutely no one is incapable of lying. Rape is a serious issue and accusing someone is also another traumatic situation which can have a negative effect especially if the accused takes the fall.

I am saddened because I have seen men being accused and I have seen men go to jail and later found innocent.., I do not know the dispute between both families but if this is a mere accusation, it will be very unfortunate to have put the whole nation in a shamble as massive as this and even though this had been all lies from the beginning, it always gets to a point of no turning back due to the fear of heavy backlash! This has gotten to that point, if there is a fact to this which will dispute the rape story, only Busola knows and Busola have half the nation backing her up at the moment, she cannot  compromise that. This is a serious battle.

I have heard stories of people who had real rape cases, I personally feel that if a lady really was forced or feel like she was sexually abused, even though it is a fact that in most cases (not every) there is an amount of shame that comes with it which will make the lady feel very less obliged to confide or report the issue, there is also a fact that she will detest the experience so much and will definitely make sure it doesn’t happen again especially if there is certainly a way to avoid the rapist who is not even living with you. I am not even writing to debunk the events leading up or after the situation but suddenly I am pained that we cannot have facts just yet and I hope it isn’t true, the rape issue.

Image result for Coza protest

I went on twitter to comment a simple piece of my mind stating that I cannot draw a conclusion from an accusation that is currently being denied and the response wasn’t friendly, I had to delete my comment seeing that majority of the population is unfortunately sensitive and emotionally guided rather than being mentally alert. We live in a world where people will take advantage of anything, even things as sensitive as rape. It is unfair, because if it turns out to be false accusation, I definitely will not lash out at Busola who would have only obviously took advantage of the emotions of Nigerians which is always available for mass manipulation, hence the progress of infamous unworthy leaders over the years.

A constant rape case with a particular individual is something worth investigating, if the pastor is found guilty, I really think he should pay for his crimes or come clean with evidence.

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