Obi Cubana's Wife (Ebele Iyiegbu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family
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Obi Cubana’s Wife (Ebele Iyiegbu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family



Ebele Iyiegbu Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family


Obi Cubana's Wife (Ebele Iyiegbu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family


Ebele Iyiegbu is a lawyer with Bryan Micheals & Associates as a Legal Partner. She also serves as director of Casa Cubana Homes and CEO and co-founder of KIEK Foundation, an NGO helping children who are less fortunate in the areas of nutrition, healthcare as well as child rights governance as well as quality education.

Mrs. Obi Cubana, Ebele Iyiegbu is an entrepreneur who has been successful and an experienced event director hospitality. The lawyer is who has an experience of a professional in the field of legal services. As her husband, Obi the wife of Cubana is also a charitable philanthropist. She is the founder of a non-profit organization known as KIEK foundation. KIEK foundation.

Ebele Iyiegbu is driven to improve the lives of those poorest in the society, particularly women and children, through her programs to alleviate poverty through KIEK Foundation. KIEK Foundation.

Ebele Iyiegbu has been engaged to Obinna Iyiegbu, a.k.a by the name of Obi Cubana, for more than 14 years. Obi Cubana, born on April 9 1975, is the most prominent individuals, as well as an outstanding performer and business mogul also a promoter of shows.

On this page, we’ll explore the background of Obi Cubana’s wife, as well as her earlier life, her business ventures as well as her net worth.

Full NamesEbele Iyiegbu
Stage NameEbele Iyiegbu
Date Of Birth26 February, 1979
Age44 Years old
State of OriginAnambra State
OccupationDirector of Events, Hospitality Management
SpouseObi Cubana
Marital StatusMarried
Academics Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT)
Net Worth$10 million

Ebele Iyiegbu Biography

Ebele Iyiegbu is proud to be a native to the Obosi Local Government Area in Anambra State. The place where she was born is a key motivator for her charitable actions. Through the years she has utilized her resources and platform to make a difference in the lives of people within her own community and around the world.


Ebele Iyiegbu is enrolled in Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT) to pursue a degree in Law in 1998 following the completion of her secondary and primary education. She graduated with an Bachelor of Law (LLB) with a lower-division second-class grade following a period of the last five years in ESUT. Ebele continued her studies through the Lagos branch of the Nigerian Law School in 2004 in which she took Civil litigation. She graduated in 2005.


How old is Ebele Iyiegbu?

She was born on the 26th of February 1979, and she is 44 years old as of 2023.


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Obi Cubana's Wife (Ebele Iyiegbu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Ebele Iyiegbu has a remarkable professional experiences in various fields. She is the CEO and founder of the KIEK Foundation, established in October of 2018. The foundation’s mission is making life better for the less than privileged children and women of society by implementing programs to alleviate poverty. The foundation is also Executive Director for Gifts et al. at ng, a post she holds since January 2016. The company is specialized in consulting and gift concierge distribution, as well as general management.

Additionally, Ebele Iyiegbu is a Director of Cubana Group Ltd, where she’s been employed since 2008. The company has different business areas, including entertainment, hospitality real estate, hospitality and agriculture. She is an Associate Legal at Brian Micheals and Associates, an attorney firm that she has been working with since the month of October in 2017.

Additionally, Ebele Iyiegbu serves as the Director of Events for The Party Managers Ltd, the position it has been in since the end of October 2013. The company specializes in event management and consulting. Her expertise in the field includes negotiation and arbitration skills, networking/client relationships, project management and events and consulting general management customer service, counseling communications skills Child welfare and care social work, and leadership abilities.

Overall, Ebele’s professional experience spans a variety of industries, such as managing events and legal services as well as business development, agriculture cultivation, production and packaging products, sourcing of the product, as well as distribution among other things. She is also an active participant in the Association of Professional Negotiators and Mediators.


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Philanthropic Activities

Ebele Iyiegbu runs a non-profit association named The KIEK foundation. Its address is 11A Banjul St, Wuse 2 90271, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

Ebele Iyiegbu has a passion for enhancing the lives of those poorest in society by implementing our programs to alleviate poverty. KIEK foundation KIEK foundation is a foundation that aims to improve living conditions for children who aren’t the same as their peers. They achieve this by providing quality education, health care and food as well as protecting children’s rights.

Since they began in 2018they have assisted over 5,000 kids who are in need, sick disabled, or do not have parents. They travel to a variety of places across the country in order to accomplish their mission. They work on various projects to aid children, such as instructing them on computers, providing them with books, making sure that they are eating enough and giving them presents.

Personal Life

Obi Cubana's Wife (Ebele Iyiegbu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Ebele Iyiegbu, and Obi Cubana were happily wed since the year 2008. Their union has resulted in four beautiful boys: Alex Obinna Iyiegbu, Ifeanyi Obinna Iyiegbu, Ebube Obinna Iyiegbu as well as Kosisochukwu Obinna Iyiegbu. The couple recently celebrated the 14th anniversary of their union. It is interesting to know that Ebele was married to her husband before becoming a billionaire, with an estimated net worth of $100 million. The entire family of six lives in Abuja, which is in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and continues to excel in their many professional and personal endeavors.

Net Worth

Obi Cubana's Wife (Ebele Iyiegbu) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family

Obi’s wife has approximate net worth of $10 million. Ebele’s net worth is due to her understanding of business that isn’t limited to a specific sector however, it is fairly spread across various industries, such as agriculture, produce and packaging, sourcing of products, as well as business growth.

As the spouse to Obi Cubana’s, her experience has significantly contributed to the development of their businesses.


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How she makes her income

Although Ebele Iyiegbu is the wife of billionaire Obi Cubana Ebele Iyiegbu is also one of her earnings sources. She is a highly experienced director of Events and Hospitality Management with many years of knowledge in the legal services business. In addition to her philanthropic work, her business savvy is applicable to a variety of fields, and she is directly involved with small – to mid-sized enterprises in the field of business development, consumables supplies agriculture, food production, and packaging, sourcing products and purchasing, legal consulting as well as representation tourism and travel and also event management and consulting. She is a skilled negotiator and arbitrator with a strong network and client relationship-building capabilities.

Ebele Iyiegbu’s expertise includes projects and events general management customer service and counselling, as well as the ability to communicate, children’s care, social work, welfare and leadership capabilities.

Ebele Iyiegbu is a fervent participant in the Association of Professional Negotiators and Mediators and her knowledge and contributions have significantly influenced the commercial landscape of Nigeria. All of these, along with her many businesses and experiences have contributed to the wealth she has.

Social Media

Ebele Iyiegbu has been active on social media channels and you can reach Ebele through any of her authentic platforms:

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