Otedola's Wife (Nana Otedola) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family, Scandal
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Otedola’s Wife (Nana Otedola) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family, Scandal



Nana Otedola Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family, Scandal

Otedola's Wife (Nana Otedola) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family, Scandal

In this article, you will get informed about Nana Otedola’s Biography, her net worth age, her children, her business, life, and a lot more fascinating facts about her.


Nana Otedola is a Nigerian-Ghanian businesswoman who is also the spouse of Femi Otedola, the well-known Nigerian Forte Oil billionaire, Femi Otedola.

She is a loving mom to four children. She is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who owns a dry-cleaning business situated in London, United Kingdom.

This gorgeous billionaire wife isn’t very social, and she prefers doing her thing in a quiet and in a quiet manner. This is quite different from her daughters.

Whatever her personality it’s imperative to say some facts about her. In all likelihood, just the reality the husband she has is an ardent investor and a well-known public image.

Full NamesNana Otedola
Stage NameNana Otedola
Date Of Birth2 August 1966
Age57 Years old
Place of BirthGhana
SpouseFemi Otedola
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$15 million

Nana Otedola Biography

Nana Otedola is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist who was born on the 2nd of August, 1966 in Ghana.

After the birth of her daughter, her parents moved to London, United Kingdom where she was raised and taught. She attended all of her schooling there as well.

Nana Otedola is only popular for her role as the wife of a Nigerian billionaire who is the frontrunner and the owner of the Forte oil company, Femi Otedola.

Being Femi Otedola’s wife, and an accomplished businesswoman in her own right, Nana Otedola is one of the most powerful and wealthy females in Africa.

Apart from her being an entrepreneur and businesswoman and entrepreneur, she is an active community builder and charitable person as well.


How old is Nana Otedola? She was born on the 2nd of August 1966, and she is 57 years old as of 2023.


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Otedola's Wife (Nana Otedola) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family, Scandal

Have you ever thought about the type of woman Nana Otedola could be? It’s true that she’s not the kind of woman to take advantage of her husband’s wealth.

She is a renowned and beautiful businesswoman who has many successful and lucrative business ventures to her credit as well within Nigeria in Nigeria and London.

Before becoming an individual boss Femi Oludola’s mother had held a management position in Freshade Energy Limited, United Kingdom for a period of about 13 years.

At present, Nana is running a dry and laundry company called “Garment Care” that has in the past few years developed into a profitable business venture.

The company is primarily focused on cleaning services for restaurants, hotels, and house cleaning. It also provides all kinds of cleaning services.

The standard and quality that Garments Care is offering and maintaining has made the company a success.

Contrary to her husband and children, Nana Otedola keeps a low profile and keeps her things at a minimal level. She doesn’t have an online presence.

As revealed in her biography and personas, Nana has a diverse portfolio of properties that comprise investments, laundry business along real estate.

Don’t be shocked by the fact that the Nigerian-Ghanaian-born woman has mansions in her possession, luxurious jewelry, and chains, as well as many luxury vehicles within her collection.

In general, Nana and her husband, Femi Otedola are into charitable work. As prominent personalities, they are known for their generosity to the society.

The research also shows that the couple has donated a large amount of money to health, education, and other charitable causes.


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Nana Otedola Personal Life

Otedola's Wife (Nana Otedola) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family, Scandal

Nana Otedola is married to Femi Otedola, a famous Nigerian business mogul, and entrepreneur of the year Femi Otedola, their union has been a joyful one.


The couple is blessed to be parents of the blessing of four (4) children: three of them female and one male.

The couple has Fewa Otedola, Temi Otedola (Mr Eazy’s girlfriend), Olawunmi Christy Otedola (stepdaughter), and Florence (DJ Cuppy) Otedola.

Based on research findings, Femi Otedola was reported to have been in a relationship with Olayinka Olukoya, which resulted in being the mother of Christy Olawunmi Otedola.

It was also said it was reported that Lady Doja, Femi Otedola’s mother was the one who prevented her son from getting married to Olayinka due to her religious status and affiliation.

Therefore Lady Doja was able to take Olawunmi Otedola away from her mother and prevented her from returning to his house once more.

This incident has Nana Otedola bearing, carrying, and bringing Otedola’s daughter, her first child, maternal care, and attention.

In the same way, Femi And Nana Otedola’s one child, Fewa Otedola is autistic, and Olawunmi and Florence Otedola are both into music, as well. Temi Otedola has been identified as Mr. Eazi’s wife.

It is a heartwarming fact that the children enjoy an intense bond, even though it is clear that they were born to different mothers.

Nana Otedola and her husband are happily married and are enjoying their time extending their helping hand (together) to the less fortunate through philanthropic efforts.

Net Worth

Otedola's Wife (Nana Otedola) Biography, Age, Love, Career, Networth, Education, Family, Scandal

Based on the above it is possible to conclude the fact that Femi Otedola’s mother is a famous businesswoman who has a large amount of investments and assets to her name.

So, it’s safe to conclude the fact that Nana is worth a lot. Actually, DJ Cuppy’s mom is believed to be earning money through the “Garment Care” company.

The premise is that she is a mother to four children and the wife of a successful business mogul who is believed to be worth around $15 million.

With such a large fortune, Nana Otedola is without a doubt one of the most successful and richest females on the continent of Nigeria and Africa all over the world.

As a last note, I think it’s important to point out that DJ Cuppy’s mom has not used the money made through her company to increase the size of the business.

This beautiful woman has made giving back a routine. She is completely absorbed in delivering health, education, and water aid.


In 2018, she was in a mess after she was accused of being involved in an affair with Tonny Subair, who is the proprietor of HiTV, a satellite-based TV that was shut down for quite a while. The rumors about this supposed affair didn’t remain true over time so it was decided to be a fabricated up.

Social Media

You can contact Nana Otedola on the following social media handles:

  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:


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