Scary Assignment for a Sculptor

Scary Assignment for a Sculptor



Scary Assignment for a Sculptor

Scary Assignment for a Sculptor

Suppose you have spotted a statue you really like. You absolutely adore it, you want to possess it. But then a little bit different, tailored to suit your own personal situation. How do you accomplish that? It could be that you do not dare to ask the artist about that possibility, but why not? If he or she does not want to make it, you’ll find out soon enough. But what if he or she says yes? You could just end up with a sculpture that really belongs to you that will continue to bring you joy and emotion forever. And apart from that it provides income for the artist.

And if you had dared, asked the artist, and found he or she willing to make it, the whole thing will continue to be rather exciting. Perhaps you want your own portrait made, then you will have to model for it. Can you do that? Do you have to sit completely still? Or maybe you are allowed to move or talk? Just ask questions if you find anything daunting. The artist will answer them with devotion, explain the procedure, and tell you what to expect. Things should be feasible for you too! If your portrait requires you to sit motionless for hours and you are unable to do so, you will have to find a solution together. I do not find it necessary for a model to sit mouse still. Perhaps only for a minute, not longer. And that usually is no problem for anybody. It takes me an hour to make a framework while we talk and I continue to work from a photo. Other sculptures obviously have an entirely different approach, but never hesitate to ask questions about the procedure.

Scary Assignment for a Sculptor

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You didn’t order something out of a series, you want a custom-made, personal sculpture so you simply have to have a conversation with the sculptor. About what is important for you, what should be added or left out? What feeling or emotion it should exude? Basically, artists like to be challenged and that is exactly what such an assignment can be: a challenge. You approached an artist because you admire his or her work. So if the two of you have a good talk about the whole thing, you can be sure of receiving a stunning sculpture. It is always a rewarding experience for the artist to see how his work is experienced and in what way it moves a spectator. So it is obvious the discussion the two of you have will be respectful and kind. You are moved by the way the sculptor works and that will be the foundation of your negotiation about the assignment. The artist knows his or her work is valued and respected so once given the scope and trust he needs he will be able to make the best sculpture he or possibly can that will also fit you like a glove.

Scary Assignment for a Sculptor

That way you can give each other a hand towards the next level and a small boost into a new adventure. Because most artists are basically adventurers who search and find and then travel onward to new horizons. And you are probably the same!


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