Twenty-Four Ladies Accuse Student Of Rape On Twitter



The ladies who took to the Microblogging platform, Twitter, noted that Adolphus who identified as Yangy on social media took advantage of them and defiled them.

A real estate agent identified as Godknows Adolphus has been accused of rape by more than 24 ladies.

The ladies who took to the Microblogging platform, Twitter, noted that Adolphus who identified as Yangy on social media took advantage of them and defiled them.

One of the ladies who accused Yangy who was described as a student of a private university in Ogun State stated that she was afraid of coming out because of stigmatisation and possible backlash on the social media.

The victim who sent a direct message to a Twitter activist, Angie, revealed that the tactics of Yangy are to become a friend with a lady and later invite them over to his house or his uncle’s hotel in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where he used to defile them.

The message read in part, “There is this guy I want you to help me warn girls to stay away from because he’s always inviting people over and raping them. I’m also among his victims; I can’t speak for some reasons or even use my handle because I can’t bare answering questions from people.”

“This guy I’m talking about, we used to be friends till he raped me and his excuse was that he was tempted. Please, I want you to tell as many girls that are going to see this that the guy that calls himself Yangy is a rapist and they should beware of him.”

Following the accusation levelled against Yangy, other ladies came out to narrate their experiences with Yangy to Angie.

Another victim in a direct message to Angie stated, “I was 14 at the time and he lied to me that he was 17. He manipulated me thinking that we were in a serious relationship and forced his way on me the day I went over to see him. I told him to stop severally cause it to hurt as I was a virgin but he didn’t stop. So he isn’t just a rapist but a paedophile.”

Many others released their WhatsApp conversations and voice recordings, where he allegedly admitted to raping them.

A Twitter user identified as Ella Uzama, in her post revealed how she allegedly escaped Yangy’s antics.

She tweeted, “Lol, I remember putting up ‘I need a job ‘on my story in 100lvl and this guy met me after Sabbath and said he had a job, and the job was ‘I’ll follow him to clubs and he’ll hook me with men and then give him his cut after I sleep with them. He’s useless.”

Yangy in his reaction to the allegations stated that he was not involved in any of the alleged incidents, adding that he would contact the relevant authorities over the allegation.

He tweeted, “Ordinarily, I would have ignored the rumour peddling around but for posterity sake, let me categorically say that I have no involvement in the alleged rape.”

“As we all know, rape is a serious offence in the world and is something that no one can condone. I strongly stand against rape in all entirety. However, I would inform the relevant authorities concerning this allegation for my reputation.”

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