[Lyrics] Gzone – knowledge Hiest


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Knowledge Hiest

(Rap) Gzone
These days it costs more to think up lines
But easier to construct a pick up line
Girls are giving us tough times no more
Just make money don’t hide no more
Behind your certificate and first class bliss
So long as you can fly in that first class seat
So vivid how we lost our own city
Can you tell me a thing or two about your origin
We so comfortable bout this thing called life ..
Made easy to adore a thing called white.,
Seems all right., cus money dey your Bitcoin app
I just dey laugh, see farmers dey import spice., import rice.,
(Shack Pami na)…Oh no liquors fine
Sip up lies., till poverty hit your spine
I try to evoke the folks to speak up fact
But naija expects nothing of hip hop guys
We just dance
Carried away by income tax
Discuss how… you can’t phantom a thing called black
Being right when we bring up white
Tell me., Would you recognize Judas in a Jesus mask ?
Cus Our history they stole it
Culture they stole it
The ivories and gold rotten up down in Napoli
Came down in all white preaching the shii like be holy
We was sent here by God and you lots need to behold him

The prospect is sadly one with no depth
The process in turn projects the whole sense .,
we grow deaf expecting a life with no death.,
We protest against the ones who hold dare .,
cus we blinded by the created illusion we so fear

I just dey imagine my black brothers on the slave ships
Igbo landing ., sad brothers on the slave ship
Paved the way for history ., freedom on a save ship
As soon as they met the sea., it’s freedom from the slave ship
It took a while but now they printing “freedom” on a slave ship
I took a tour., I could feel the freedom on a slave ship
Who’d ever thought we’d ever feel the freedom from a slave ship

Just few Africans want knowledge
They want flow and bright lights
Camera., action., glow and shine bright
They want chains on they neck forgetting the past strive
We created Jazz music., oh wait, that’s white
Great black men written off in America
Nigga watchu know about Benjamin Banneker
Romare Bearden didn’t wanna be white
So they kicked him off baseball ., sorry for life
Bessie Coleman really made black girls proud
But she died and history wasn’t that damn loud
Fela Anikulapo Kuti is the man to adore
but then I let Jehovahs witnesses bring all these girls to my door…I love it




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I do not doubt the existence of God., I doubt His responsibility towards the invention of the human diverse ways of worshiping. I.e Religion. But I am good though. Love to meet you too.

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