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Rocky Dawuni Biography, Music, Family, Height and Net Worth



Rocky Dawuni Biography, Music, Family, Height, and Net Worth

Who is Rocky Dawuni?

Rocky Dawuni is a famous Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and record producer who performs his signature ‘Afro Roots’ sound which is a mixture of Reggae, Highlife, Afrobeat, and Soul music. Dawuni currently resides between Ghana and Los Angeles. He is a two-time Grammy-nominated musician and activist.

Rocky Dawuni Career

Music career

He got acquainted with Reggae in Ghana after hearing a military band performing one of Bob Marley’s compositions in Michel Camp, a military barracks where he grew up. Dawuni began the annual ”Independence Splash” festival, which is held in Ghana on Ghanaian Independence Day, March 6. He has recorded 8 full-length albums. Dawuni’s 6th studio album titled Branches of The Same Tree was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in December 2015. It was launched on March 31, 2015, making him the first nominee from his home country of Ghana. Songlines Magazine named the Branches of Same Tree album in the top 10 most essential reggae albums of all time. It was inspired by the soulful beats of Fela Kuti and Bob Marley and highlighted his ability to communicate uplifting messages to the hear of millions.


Beats of Zion, the 2019 single by Dawuni, which was launched on January 25, is a precursor to his 7th studio album. The album also ears the same name and featured Ghana’s dancehall star, [Stonebwoy]. The final video for the album is ”Champion Arise”, which was named ”Top Tune of the Day” on the premier National Public Radio Station KCRW. In June 2019, he launched the new track ”Modern Man”, remixed by Gaudi. Rocky’s 8th studio launch, Voice of Bunbon, Vol. 1 was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Global Music Album in the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, making him a multi-Grammy nominee in 2022.

Three music videos were launched for the EP including ”Ghost Town”, which was shot by photographer Casey Bridges (son of actor Beau Bridges). The music video ”Beautiful People” from the album was shot in his home village of Bunbon by Ghanaian cinematographer, Slingshot. Dawuni then launched the music video for Woara (which translates as ”you or it’s you in Twi) in September 2021. The song was sung in the local Akan dialect, Twi. Woara is a love song with a call-and-response style to express the beauty and triumph of being in love.

Activism and goodwill

Rocky is recognized to straddle the boundaries between Africa, the Caribbean, and the U.S. to create sounds that unite generations and cultures and work to foster global peace. He has shared the stage with Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Bono, Janelle Monae, Jason Mraz, and John Legend, among many others. He was named one of Africa’s top 10 Global stars by CNN. Rocky’s stature as a cultural diplomat and successful melding of music and activism have led him to become a spokesperson for various global causes. Dawuni is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Africa for UN Environment. He is also a Global Ambassador for the UN Foundation’s Clean Cooking Alliance together with actress Julia Roberts and Chef Jose Andres.

Dawuni was also named the Global Ambassador for the World Day of African and Afrodescendant Culture recognized by UNESCO. Through the organization, he uses his music to shine a light on crucial issues facing humanity across the globe.

A photo of Rocky Dawuni
A photo of Rocky Dawuni

How old is Rocky Dawuni?

Rocky Dawuni is aged 53 as of 2022, as he was born on January 22, 1969, in Tema, Ghana. He shares his birthday with famous people including Enya Umanzor, Ricky García, Darianka Sánchez, Linda Blair, Ray Rice, Balthazar Getty, Beverley Mitchell, Diane Lane, Gabriel Macht, Guy Fieri, Jazzy Jeff, Jim Jarmusch, and many more.

Rocky Dawuni Family

Who are Rocky Dawuni’s parents?

Dawuni was born in Tema, Ghana to Ghanaian parents in a military barracks. His father was originally from a royal family in the northern part of Ghana. Dawuni was brought up in the barracks where he grew interested in music. He has not shared information about his family with the media and has kept it a secret.

Does Rocky Dawuni have siblings?

Dawuni has not shared any information about his family and siblings with the media. It is not known to the media if he has any siblings.

Rocky Dawuni Education

He has not shared his personal life and has not shared his academic and educational qualifications.

Rocky Dawuni Spouse

Dawuni has not shared his personal life and information with the media and it is not known if he is single or married.

Rocky Dawuni Kids

Dawuni has not shared any information about his love life and it is not known if he has any children to date.

Rocky Dawuni Height

Dawuni has a well-built, muscular, and physically fit body although he has not shared his measurements.

Rocky Dawuni Net Worth

Ghanaian singer, songwriter, record producer, and activist, Dawuni has been active in music for some time. He has gathered an accumulative net worth of approximately $9 million as of 2023.

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